LIC English Preparation: Complete Topic-wise Strategy, Books

LIC English Preparation: Life Insurance Corporation is India’s largest Insurance Company in India. LIC Recruits for various Posts like AAO, AO, LIC ADO, LIC HFL, FSE, DO, and NIACL Assistant Exam. In all these Recruitment Exams English is a very important section. LIC exams are postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak But are prepared for the exams as dated could be announced soon.

For LIC English Preparation we are sharing the complete syllabus and strategy. It is important for you to be well-versed in all the grammatical rules and other topics of English. Reading comprehension, para jumbles, fill up, Word Association, synonyms & antonyms Close Test, Sentence Rearrangement, etc. are some of the important topics asked in the LIC exam.

English Language Section is qualifying in nature in LIC exams that means the marks obtained in this section will not be added in the total marks scored by you. In this article, we will share with you LIC English preparation books, strategy, tips etc.

 Prepare English for LIC Exam 

English Language Topics & their Weightage in the in LIC Exams

Topics Weightage in the Exam
Reading Comprehension, 10-15
Sentence Arrangement, Para jumble 5
Cloze Test, 10
Spotting Error 5
Sentence Improvement 5
Synonyms-Antonyms 3-5
Idioms & Phrases 1-2
Fill UPS 5
Word Association/Vocabulary 5
Active/Passive Voice 1-5
Elementary Grammar 5-10

How to Prepare the English Language for LIC

For the LIC English Preparation, you need to start reading newspapers, Editorial of newspapers, Novels, and English books. Reading something on a daily basis is a vital part of the LIC English preparation. There is a sectional Cut-off in the all the LIC exams you are required to clear the sectional cut-off which is 10 marks for English Language Section. Let’s start English Preparation with some preparation tip for all the topic:

i) Reading Comprehension: Reading Comprehension is a very important topic of the English Section. Its level is moderate to high in the exam. For solving reading comprehension in less time you need to develop a habit of reading when you start reading newspaper & English articles. Reading English Newspaper is the best way to prepare for this section. Reading not only increases your vocabulary part but also develop the habit of fast reading. Some tips for Reading Comprehension:

  • It’s not necessary to read the whole article in the exam. Check the questions first. Then start reading the article, keep the questions in mind, or write a hint for them. As you move forward in reading the passage you will get the answer. This will help you save time in the exam.
  • Try to attempt the Synonym and Antonym part in the Reading comprehension for solving them use odd one out method.
  • Try to skip questions which is time taking solve it if you left time as there is sectional timing in the LIC exam so keep an eye on the time.

ii) Vocabulary: For preparing the Vocabulary part Reading daily English newspapers is the best way. Read the editorial of the newspaper. Note down new vocabs and learn and revise them regularly. A strong vocabulary helps you in many ways clearing English Section. It will help to solve fill-ups, close tests, Antonyms, and synonyms.

iii) English Grammar: You need to brush up your basics rules of English grammar. Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb, Conjunctions, Preposition, Active Passive Voice. The questions asked in spotting error and Para jumble will be solved easily you are well versed with these rules.

  • Solve questions and examples to understand how the grammatical rules are applied in the sentences.
  • Practice as much as you can as this is the only key to make you strong in this section.

iv) Para Jumbles/ Sentence Rearrangement: here are some tips to solve Para jumble questions.

  • Para jumble and sentence rearrangement Read all the sentences first.
  • Find the independent sentence in all sentences that will be your 1st
  • Then try to find the connecting sentence from the 1st
  • Keep grammar rules in mind while solving the sentence rearrangement like the use of nouns, pronouns, and verbs, etc.
  • Find sentences that show result and conclusion mainly representing the purpose of the passage, some words like – this, therefore, hence, however, so, etc. leads to find the end sentence.
  • By regular practicing, you will be able to solve Para jumble.
  • If you don’t have the time to complete the whole para jumble, need not worry you can easily find the first and last sentence, solve them you can at least score 2 marks from this section.

v) Close Test/ Fill Ups/ double fillers: For solving close tests or fill-ups you must have a strong grip on the vocabulary part. Here are some tricks you can use while solving a close test.

  • First, use the odd one out trick to choose the best word for a fill-up.
  • There are some words that have the same meaning you got confused about which one to use, in that case, use the novel word is the best preference.
  • Read the passage carefully, while reading with the flow you will get your answer automatically this will only possible when you have a reading habit.

LIC English Preparation: General Tips

Follow the following tips it will help you Preparing English for LIC exams.

  • Don’t forget to read articles, English Books, News Editorials, while reading, have a glance through the usage of grammar and word arrangement. It will help you in the cloze test in Reading Comprehension Questions.
  • Learn about root words, they will help you understand the English language in a better way.
  • Don’t try to attempt 100%. Attempt only that part in which you are 100% sure as there is negative marking in all the LIC exams and you have to only qualify the English Section.
  • Solve those questions first which are your strong areas if you are strong in grammar part solve those questions first.
  • Practice questions on each Topic.
  • Attempt Mock Test on a regular basis will help you find your weak and strong areas.
  • You can go for our LIC English Preparation videos on our YouTube channel.

LIC English Preparation: Books

1. English Grammar – Wren & Martin
2. Word Power Made Easy – Norman Lewis
3. Objective General English – SP Bakshi

LIC English Preparation for Descriptive Test

LIC English preparation will also include the descriptive test for most exams. You will have to prepare for the descriptive test as well. You need to present your view suggestions and ideas very precisely while writing a descriptive paper. For achieving this you need to improve your writing skills. It is suggested to rewrite any article in the English language daily, choose any topic, and write on it. It will increase your writing speed and improves writing skills in the long run.

Attempt Mock Test for LIC Exam

LIC English Preparation FAQs

Q. Is in LIC exam English is qualifying in nature?

A. Yes, English Language is qualifying in the LIC exam.

Q. Is there a Negative Marking in the LIC exam?

A. Yes. There is a negative marking of 0.25 marks on each wrong answer.

Q. Is there Sectional Cut- off in the LIC exam?

A. Yes, there is a sectional Cut-off in the exam.

Q. When will the LIC AAO exam 2020 schedule?

A. LIC AAO date will be announced soon as it was postponed due to COVID-19 Outbreak.

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