LIC Quantitative Aptitude 2020: Tips, Strategy & Books

LIC Quantitative Aptitude: LIC exam is conducted to recruit candidates at various posts like AO, AAO, DO, ADO, and LIC HFL. Quantitative Aptitude is a very important section of all the exams. LIC AAO exam postponed this year due to Covid-19 Outbreak will be scheduled soon so it’s the time to be prepared earlier to grab the opportunity. Today Competition is very tough so for being selected in the LIC it’s important for you to keep studying and practicing.

In LIC Quantitative Aptitude is a crucial section to score well in the exam. Quantitative Aptitude is a section in which if you work hard you can score 100%. This section can make a difference for you in exams from other students. We are going to share the complete strategy and syllabus with you for quantitative aptitude. Let’s have a look at the syllabus of Quantitative Aptitude.

In this article, we will take you through the LIC Quantitative Aptitude preparation tips, strategies and books.

LIC Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus

Let us take a look at the syllabus of LIC Quantitative Aptitude:

Number System
Number Series (Missing & Wrong)
Quadratic Equation
Simplification & Approximation
Data Sufficiency
Data Interpretation
Profit & Loss
Ratio & Proportion
Simple & Compound Interest
Age Problems
Mixture & Allegation
Time & Distance
Time & Work
Permutation & Combination

LIC Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Strategy

For Cracking the LIC Exam it is important to have the right preparation strategy and right study material for preparation. In the LIC Quantitative Aptitude Section, time management plays a crucial role, as it takes much time and gives the same weightage as the other sections. So time management is of the utmost importance for this section. For this, you have to practice more and more. Let’s have a look at some preparation tip for LIC Quantitative Aptitude:

  1. Learn Basics & Formulas: Learn all the basics and formulas of all the chapters. If you have a clear concept of all the chapters it will not be hard for you to attempt any type of question in the exam.
  1. Simplification and Approximation: There is a good weightage of the simplification & Approximation section in the exam. So learn short tricks for ready calculation. Try to attempt these questions first during the exam.
  2. Quadratic Equations: These questions are also scoring part of the LIC exam. Learn all the concepts related to the quadratic equation. These questions are also less time taking so if you found them in the exam, attempt them first.
  3. Data Sufficiency: Data sufficiency are the questions cover all the chapters of the Quantitative section. These questions also take less time to attempt. As you have to answer only the data given is sufficient to answer questions or not. Choose only those questions in which you have a strong command because a wrong hint can lead you to the wrong answer.
  4. Data Interpretation: In DI questions are based on tabulation, Pie chart, line graph, bar graph. These questions are a good choice to attempt. If you prepare them in a proper way you can get good marks from these sections. Nowadays questions from average, profit loss & ratio proportion are given in DI form.
  5. Arithmetic Questions: Arithmetic questions includes questions from Profit & Loss, Average, Percentage, Train problems, Speed, Time & distance. These are also scoring sections in the exam a bit time taking but you can score from them if you have a strong command and practice well. One thing you have to take care of is to take care of time management.

Study Material for LIC exam

LIC Quantitative Aptitude Overall Preparation Tips

  • Learn table up to 30, Square up to 50, cubes up to 20 for fast calculation.
  • Clear the basics of all the chapters.
  • Practice question chapter wise first so that all the concepts of a particular chapter get cleared.
  • Solve previous years Question Papers, so you get the idea of the type of questions asked in the exam.
  • Practice on a daily basis by practices quizzes this will help you solve a variety of questions.
  • Attempt Mock test regularly, analyze your performance from it.
  • Find your weak and strong area. Focus more on weak areas and keep practicing strong parts
  • Don’t waste too much of your time on one question in the exam.
  • Take care of time management because you will get limited time and more questions.
  • Evaluate your performance after every test.
  • Try to attempt those questions first in the exam in which you are strong and take less time in the exam.
  • Don’t get panic during the exam seeing a question from out of the syllabus, keep calm and focus on other questions then try them if you get time.

Important books for the LIC exam

Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Agarwal Agarwal Publications
Fast track Mathematics by Rajesh Verma Arihant Publications
Magical Book on Quicker Mathematics by M. Tyra BSC Publication
Data Interpretation by Arun Sharma TMH Publication

Attempt Mock Test for LIC Exam


Q. Is there a sectional Cut-off in LIC Exam?

A. Yes, there is a sectional Cut-off in the LIC exam.

Q. Is there Sectional Timing in the LIC AAO exam?

A. Yes. There is sectional timing of 20 minutes each.

Q. Is there negative marking in the LIC Assistant Exam?

A. There is no negative marking in the Prelims exam.

Q. When Will the LIC AAO exam 2020 conducted?

A. It will be updated soon as it was postponed due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

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