Practice Quantitative Aptitude – Application Sums (Day-27)

Practice Quantitative Aptitude – Application Sums (Day-27):

Dear Readers, Important Practice Quantitative Aptitude – Application Sums for IBPS Exams 2017 was given here with Solutions. Aspirants those who are preparing for the Bank Examination and other Competitive Examination can use this material.

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1) Savitha and Geetha  are going from A to B. Geetha  who starts 30 minutes after Savitha overtakes her midway between A and B. Geetha  reaches B and retums back immediately and again meets Savitha which is 50 km ahead of their first meeting point. What is the speed of Geetha  if the ratio of speeds of Savitha and Geetha  is 1: 2 respectively?

  1. 125 km/h
  2. 75 km/h
  3. 100 km/h
  4. 225 km/h
  5. 150 km/h

2) Ratio of number of boys to number of girls who appeared for an exam is 5 : 3. Ratio of number of boys who passed to number of girls who passed is 6 : 5. If the ratio of number of boys who failed to number of girls who failed is 4 : 1 then what is the ratio of total number of boys who appeared for the exam to the total number of girls who got failed?

a. 3 : 1

b. 15:2

c. 9: 1

d. 35:4

e. 10:1

3) A train travels from Raipur to bhopal in 8 hours while another train takes 10 hours. If first train starts from bhopal  towards Raipur at 3:30pm and when it travels 64 km second train starts from Raipur towards  bhopal. Find the time at which both train meets if distance between Raipur and bhopal is 640 km.

  1. 8:18 pm
  2. 7:18 pm
  3. 8:00 pm
  4. 7:48 pm
  5. None of these

4) A cistern can be filled by a pipe P in 8 hours. Two pipes Q and R can empty the cistern in 4 hours and 6 hours respectively. When tank is completely full, all the taps and  turned on alternatively for one hour each in the sequence Q. R and P respectively. The cistern will be empty in how much time?   

  1. 9 hours
  2. 10 hours
  3. 9.5 hours
  4. 12 hours
  5. None of these

5) A hollow cylindrical tube which is open at the both ends, is made of iron. If the external diameter of the tube is 1 m, thickness in 5 cm and the length of the tube is 12 m then what is the approximate volume of the iron used to cast the hollow cylindrical tube?

  1. 2.1 m3
  2. 1.6 m3
  3. 2.25 m3
  4. 1.79 m3
  5. None of These

6). A milkman has 60 litres mixture of milk and water in the ratio 5:1. he replaces first time with water when he sells 15 litres of mixture. Next time he sells out 16 litres of mixture and replaces with same amount of water. After replacing the mixture with Water both the times. the ratio of amount of water to the amount of milk in the final mixture is:

  1. 11:13
  2. 13:12
  3. 13:11
  4. Can’t be determined
  5. None of these

7). Sitha prepared home decorating stuff as part of her earning. She spent Rs.200 on cloths and craft paper. Rs.10 on gum and Rs.50 on miscellaneous items for each home decorating stuffs. She made 100 home decorating stuffs. 40% of which were purchased by her relatives causing them a loss of 30%. At what per cent profit should she sell the remaining home decorating stuffs so as to gain 40% on her total cost?

  1. 89.33%
  2. 86.67%
  3. 85.75%
  4. 79.33%
  5. None of these

8). Abhi, Billa and Chithra enter into a partnership. Billa invests 20% more than Abhi and Chithra invests 50% more than Abhi. If Abhi, Billa and Chithra invests their capital for 20 months, 10 months and 15 months respectively and the profit is Rs.130800, then find the cost of bike after 1% years that Chithra bought from his share of profit if price of bike is depreciated at the rate of 20% half yearly?

  1. 36366
  2. 39366
  3. 49366
  4. 29366
  5. None of these

9). Mr. Partha borrowed Rs.500000 from his friend John and decides to pay off the debt in five yearly instalments. The rate of interest is 20% compounded annually. The amount paid in the first, second, third and fourth year end instalments are Rs.200000, Rs.150000, Rs.180000 and Rs.200000 respectively. that should be the final instalment amount paid by Mr. Partha after the 5th year so that. the debt is repaid totally?

  1. 71040
  2. 71500
  3. 72000
  4. 74440
  5. None of these

10). Three years ago, Baru’s age was double the Arun’s age and also Cinu’s age was 50% more than Baru’s age. If the average of present age of Arun, Baru and Cinu is 13. Then after how man year the age of A and Baru together will 8 year more than age of Cinu?

  1. 4 years
  2. 6 years
  3. 5 years
  4. 7 years
  5. None of these

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