RRB ALP 2018 Practice Test Papers | Reasoning Questions (Day-67)

Dear Aspirants, Here we have given the Important RRB ALP & Technicians Exam 2018 Practice Test Papers. Candidates those who are preparing for RRB ALP 2018 can practice these Reasoning Questions to get more confidence to Crack RRB 2018 Examination.

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1) Directions: In the following question, find the odd letters from the given alternatives.

a) EDC

b) JIG

c) NMK

d) RQO

2) Find odd one out

a) Excite

b) Beautiful

c) Joyful

d) Happy

3) Choose odd term of given below

a) 180

b) 196

c) 144

d) 72

4) Find the next term of given below series

50 54 70 106 170 ?

a) 300

b) 280

c) 270

d) 250

5) Which of the following conclusion does not follow the condition?

K = P ≤ L ≤ M > J > O

a) M > O

b) K < O

c) P ≤ M

d) K ≤ L

Directions (6 – 8): Study following information carefully and answer the questions given below

6) Kabir is maternal uncle of Babu. Babu has only one sister. Gobal is Susi’s father. Susi is Niece of Kabir. Vani is the only sister of Kabir. How is Vani related to Kabir?

a) Niece

b) Sister

c) Sister in law

d) Daughter

7) How is Gobal is related to Kabir?

a) Brother

b) Uncle

c) Brother in Law

d) Father

8) What is the relationship between Vani and Gobal?

a) Brother and Sister

b) Niece and Uncle

c) Husband and wife

d) None of these

9) Hariis walking 3m towards west direction and turn right and walk for  4m. From this point what is the shortest distance from his starting point?

a) 7 m

b) 9 m

c) 11 m

d) 5 m

10) Hari is walking 3m towards west directions and turn right direction moving 4m. In which direction Hari is from his starting point?

a) South – East

b) North – West

c) South – East

d) North – East

Answers :

1). Answer: a)

EDC continues reverse order of Alphabets.

2). Answer: a)

Excite is a verb whereas others are Adjective.

3). Answer: b)

196 not divisible by 12 but 180, 144 , 72 divisible by 12.

4). Answer: c)

5). Answer: b)

6). Answer: b)

7). Answer: c)

8). Answer: c)

9). Answer: d)

10). Answer: b)


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