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English Materials for RRB Clerk Mains 2020:

Dear Aspirants, Our IBPS Guide team is providing a new series of English Language Questions for RRB Clerk Mains 2020 so the aspirants can practice it on a daily basis. These questions are framed by our skilled experts after understanding your needs thoroughly. Aspirants can practice these new series questions daily to familiarize with the exact exam pattern and make your preparation effective.

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Double fillers

Directions (1-5): Given below are sentences with two blanks. Mark the option which contains the words that can fit both the blanks.

1) I) ________ is sometimes necessary especially in self- defense. But one doesn’t have to be unconditional pacifist to __________ themisfortunes it begets.

II) The act of vengeance can rekindle a situation for __________, one can then _________ the stature of congregation.

  1. War and acknowledge
  2. Weapons and Identify.
  3. Betrayal and fealty
  4. Patience and glimpse
  5. None of the above


I) As was the tradition, their mother worked ________ in the kitchen, rejoicing in the holiday _______ of cooking for her two children.

II) The army officials at border performed their duties ________ monitoring and scrutinizing each inbound vehicle _________ made to survive during warfare.

  1. Efficiently and duration
  2. Diligently and custom
  3. Hard and means
  4. Carelessly and craving
  5. None of the above


I) The company _____ the plans during the formal _______ of a branding and marketing tie up with the Jain Group in Kolkata.

II) “The mystery shall only be ________ once you know where to look” the boys heard an eerie ______ which intrigued them to gather profound understanding of the place.

  1. Revealed and announcement
  2. Closed and speech
  3. Identified and Discussion
  4. Achieved and gathering
  5. None of the above


I) Most public sectors banks are ______ to hit the equity markets _______ their valuations have taken a beating.

II) The prosecutor after a spate of trails was ______ to prosecute ______ it would harm his self feeling of bigotry.

  1. Willing and since
  2. Anxious and as
  3. Happy and by
  4. Reluctant and Because
  5. None of the above


I) The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has ________ 108 military systems and subsystems that can be designed and _________ with its help by Indian Industries.

II) As soon as the systems engineer toiled he _________ the problem and later _______ a prototype to amend the predicament.

  1. Identified and developed
  2. Designed and erect
  3. Solved and delineate
  4. Established and instigate.
  5. None of the above

Single Fillers

Direction (6-10): In the following question, three sentences labelled (I), (II) and (III) have been given, followed by two words. Each sentence carries a blank which may or may not be filled by the given words. From the given options, choose the combination which represents the appropriate pair of sentence and word.


I) If I __________a you, I would have solved the problem.

II) Had she told me earlier, I __________ go to see her off at the airport.

III) If his father __________ permitted him to study in an international school; he would have excelled in life more.

(a) Were

(b) Would

  1. I-(b), II-(b), III- (a)
  2. I-(a), II-(a), III- (a)
  3. I-(a), II- (b), III- (a)
  4. I-(a), II- (b), III- (b)
  5. None of the above


I) The kid jumped ___________ the table top from its mother’s lap.

II) The boy fell ___________ the pond while playing with his friends.

III) He left his study, because he was very much __________ music.

(a) Into

(b) Onto

  1. I- (a), II-(a), III-(b)
  2. I-(b), II- (a), III-(a)
  3. I-(b), II-(b), III-(a)
  4. I-(b), II-(a), III-(b)
  5. None of the above


I) I hardly entered the room __________ I heard the sound of a gun.

II) We are good friend ___________ childhood.

III) He had been working for the company _________ 2009 before he resigned last year.

(a) When

(b) Since

  1. I-(b), II-(a), III-(b)
  2. I- (b), II-(b), III-(a)
  3. I- (a), II- (b), III- (b)
  4. I- (a), II-(a), III-(b)
  5. None of the above


I) Things have drastically changed all together in this city ___________ a past few years.

II) She was intentionally absent _________ the time of his crisis.

III) _________ the year of 1999 she graduated from the college.

(a) Over

(b) In

  1. I-(b), II-(b), III- (a)
  2. I-(a), II-(b), III-(b),
  3. I-(a), II-(a), III-(b)
  4. I-(a), II-(b), III-(a)
  5. None of the above


I) She has come here ___________ the Durga Puja.

II) ___________ consecutive four days she will be staying here.

III) ___________ summer vacation she will be staying at her parents’.

(a) For

(b) During

  1. I-(a), II-(a), III-(b)
  2. I- (a), II-(b), III-(b)
  3. I-(a), II-(b), III-(a)
  4. I-(b), II-(a), III-(b)
  5. None of the above

Answers :

Directions (1-5) :

1) Answer: A

The statements I and II refers to any certain situation and the use of pacifist which means “person who believes wars and violence are unjustifiable” and vengeance means” act of punishment for a wrong or crime” makes us undoubtedly choose war in the first blank as it holds the nearest possibility of what can happen if these things occurs in directed way.  The second word “acknowledge” also fits as grammatically and contextually correct. Therefore, option A is the correct option.

2) Answer: B

In both the statements the word “diligently and custom” are best fit as compared to other options which are either r grammatically or contextually wrong. Therefore, option B is the correct answer.

3) Answer: A

Solution: In the first statement words “Identified and Discussion” and “Achieved and gathering” is contextually and grammatically wrong whereas in second statement option both the above mention sets of words are grammatically wrong and “closed and speech” is contextually wrong. Therefore, option A is the correct option.

4) Answer: D

In first statement, word pairs “Willing and since” and “Anxious and as” are out of context, where as in the second statement, along with the above pair of words, the pair of “Happy and by” are grammatically wrong and also does injustice to the tone of the statement. Therefore option D is the correct answer.

5) Answer: A

In statement I, the words ‘designed and erect’, ‘solved and delineate’ or ‘Established and instigate’ contextually wrong and holds same for the statement II. Therefore, option A is the correct answer.

Directions (6-10):

6) Answer: E

According to the grammatical rule “were” is used

i) When any sentence represents imaginary idea the first part of the sentence should take the verb “were” irrespective of the tense (appropriately fills sentence I)

ii) The verb “would” is used typically in the second part of the sentences where there is a condition (appropriately fills sentence II)

iii) When there is any sentence representing a condition such as in sentence III the supporting verb should be “had” in the first part of the sentence. But there is no option as such. So, answer should be option E.

7) Answer: B

The word “Onto” is a preposition that has following meaning:

i) “Upon” or “on top of any place” (appropriately fills sentence I)

ii) The preposition “into” means “Going inside” or “entering” (appropriately fills sentence II)

iii) The preposition “into” also means “Interested” or “involved” (appropriately fills sentence III)

8) Answer: C

the conjunction “when” means and is used in the following way:

i) “Hardly – when” makes a paired conjunction (Appropriately fills sentence I)

ii) “Since” is a preposition that refers to a period of time that is ending in the present (appropriately fills sentence II)

iii) “Since” here also shows a time period of that is in past perfect continuous (appropriately fills sentence III)

9) Answer: B

The preposition “over” means in the following way:

i) “duration” or a “throughout a certain period of time” (appropriately fills sentence I)

ii) “In” means “for a certain time” (appropriately fills sentence II)

iii) “In” is used before a certain year (appropriately fills sentence III)

10) Answer: A

the preposition “for” means in the following ways:

i) “for the purpose of” or “for the reason of” (appropriately fills sentence I)

ii) “Particular time duration” (appropriately fills sentence II)

iii)  “During” means “in the time of” (appropriately fills sentence III)

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