SSC CGL EXAMS 2018 | English Comprehension Questions – (Day-5)

Dear Aspirants, Here we have given the Important SSC CGL Exams 2018 Practice Test Papers. Candidates, those who are preparing for SSC CGL Exams 2018 can practice these questions to get more confidence to Crack SSC CGL Exams 2018 Examination.

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Direction (1 – 3).  Choose the correct meaning of the following idioms.

1) If someone said, “You are the bomb.’’ She or he probably would be telling you

a) You have a bad temper

b) You are a was temper

c) You are exceptional and /or wonderful.

d) You are dangerous

2) What does,’’ Dime a dozen” means?

a) For one dime you get a dozen

b) All dozens cost a dime

c) Anything that is common and easy to get

d) It is difficult to get people

3)Bark up the wrong tree’ means?

a) Skin of another animal

b) Behave like a dog

c) Purposely work an error

d) Make the wrong choice

Direction (4-6):  Find the error part of the sentence, if no error then your answer should be “d”

4) All bananas (a)/in this basket (b)/are overripe. (c)/No Error (d).

a) a

b) b

c) c

d) d

5) The committee is thinking (a) /not to bring around any change (b)/in the basic structure (c) /NoError (d)

a) a

b) b

c) c

d) d

6) One of my desires (a)/are to become (b)/a doctor (c)/No Error (d)

a) a

b) b

c) c

d) d

Direction (7-10): In the following passage, some of the words have been left out. First read the passage over and try to help of the alternatives given. Mark your correct response.

 One of the oldest cities in Asia, Srinagar is known for its unique wooden architecture. It’—-7— the network of narrow streets amid multi-story wooden houses —-8– out its waterways, make it look like medieval Islamic —9—canters. The large-scale demolition of traditional buildings and bazaar in the quest of modernity have, how error—10—to their disappearance.

7) ?

a) Expensive

b) Extensive

c) Extended

d) Expended

8) ?

a) Open

b) Opened

c) Opening

d) Opined

9) ?

a) Urban

b) Village

c) Rural

d) Country

10) ?

a) Lead

b) Led

c) Conformed

d) Caused

Direction (11- 12): In the following question, a sentence has been given in Active/ Passive voice. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in  Passive / Active voice and mark your answer in the Answer Sheet.

11) Run home, please.

a) You are please to run home

b) You are told to run home, please

c) You run home and his is a request.

d) You run home and this is a request

12) Will be rewarded for his kind deed.

a) His kind deed will have reward him

b) His kind deed will have rewarded him

c) His kind deed will be his reward

d) His kind deed will have been his reward

Direction (13-15): One words substitutions – Choose the correct options for given sentence.

13) One who deserts his principles or party?

a) Apostle

b) Proselyte

c) Renegade

d) Critic.

14) To confirm with the help of evidence.

a) Corroborate

b) Implicate

c) Designate

d) Fratricide

15) The study of ancient civilizations.

a) History

b) Anthropology

c) Ethnology

d) Archaeology


1) Answer: c)

2) Answer: c)

3) Answer: c)

4) Answer: c)

Use over-ripen in place of   ‘over ripe’ as for specifying the quality of object normally the third form is used.

5) Answer: b)

Use ‘about ‘in place of ‘around’ as bringing about is a phrase that means to make something.

6) Answer: b)

Use ‘is’ in place of ‘are’ as here subject refers to a singular.

7) Answer: b)

8) Answer: a)

9) Answer: a)

10) Answer: b)

11) Answer: c)

Structure: Imperative Sentence

Active: ( Hidden subject) + first form of verb + object

Passive: object + third forms of verb +by + ( Hidden Subject)

12) Answer: a)

Structure: simple future tense

 Active: subject + (verb)1+s/es + object.

Passive: object +is/are+(verb)3+by+subject

 13) Answer: c)

Eg. The monetary windfall can make one renegade

14) Answer: a)

Eg. Police officer corroborated the care by producing many witnesses.

15) Answer: d)

Eg: My brother is a student of archaeology.


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