SSC CGL EXAMS 2018 | English Comprehension Questions – (Day-7)

Dear Aspirants, Here we have given the Important SSC CGL Exams 2018 Practice Test Papers. Candidates, those who are preparing for SSC CGL Exams 2018 can practice these questions to get more confidence to Crack SSC CGL Exams 2018 Examination.

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Direction(1-3): Find the part of error in the given sentence, if no error then your answer should be “d”.

1) Guru says she is living in combater since 1998.

a) Guru says

b) She is living in combater

c) Since 1998

d) No error

2) You should abide to the promise that you work.

a) You should abide

b) To the promise

c) That you work

d) No error

3) I told him that we enjoyed very much at the party

a) I told him

b) That we enjoyed very much

c) At the party

d) No error

Direction: (4 – 6): Fill in the blanks with appropriate words which are given in the options.

4) She was an ——- swimmer but was swept away by a strong——.

a) Eligible, water

b) Able, stream

c) Old, river

d) Expert, current

5) A —– of chilly cold weather is expected in the next few menthe

a) Phase

b) Spell

c) Length

d) Span

6) Internet cafe owners fear that a military crackdown may Couse ——- damage to their business.

a) Untold

b) Reparable

c) Importable

d) Eternal

Direction (7 – 8): Arrange the following sentences according to the meaningful passage.

7) Student likes to celebrate their birthday

In addition to birthday presents they also receive greetings

It provides an opportunity for them to enjoy themselves with their friend.

The birthday presents also add to their joy

Nobody can deny that company offriends is joy full

Add these factors make birthday work celebrating





8) The world is stunned with the news that 54 year old Steeve Irwin is no more.

He was shooting in the great barrier root of Queensland.

He is killed by the poisoned barb of a huge sting ray.

The incident took place at about 10 am

He was shooting an underwater documentary film.

Irwin was bought to the surface unconscious.





Direction (9-10): Find the correct Antonyms/ Synonyms of given words:

9) Susceptible

a) Incredible

b) Immune

c) Predictable

d) Unpredictable

10) Procrastinate

a) Experiment

b) Expedite

c) Predictable

d) Unpredictable

Direction(11-12): Find correctly spelt words.


a) Upheival

b) Uphieval

c) Upheaval

d) Upheavel


a) Prejudice

b) Perjudice

c) Predjudice

d) Prejudis

Direction (13-15) Read the following passage and answer the questions.

Mr. Albert had never thought much about the origin of wealth or in inequalities in life. It was him firm belief that if this word was not good, the next would be good and this faith sustained him, he was not like some others whom he knew, whowould sell their souls to the devil. He always thought of god before doing anything. He lived the life of an honest man. He had not married, but did not desire another man’s life. He believedthat women wakened men as was described in the story of Sabrota and Delpha.

13) What was the Albert’s belief?

a) One must lead an honest life

b) The world is a cherish place

c) There is no other world in this plant as dike it.

d) One can be happy only by remaining more than three wives

14) From the above passage we understand that Albert was

a) Not highly educated

b) A deeply optimistic man

c) A man of simple faith

d) He had no desire for another’s wealth

15) “To sell one’s soul to the devil” means

a) Giving up one’s honestly for the sake of monetary benefits.

b) To cell one’s property to ears luxurious life

c) Giving up goodness in exchange for evil

d) None of these


1) Answer: b)

Use has been in place of is as sentence is present perfect continuous tense

2) Answer: b)

Use by in place of “to” as work abide agree with preposition by.

3) Answer :b)

Use had enjoyed as two events are in part and past prefect should be used for the event happened earlier.

4) Answer: d)

Use of expect and current are more suitable here as both givens proper sense in the sentence.

5) Answer: a)

Phase is appropriate to use which mans a period in the life of same thing

6) Answer: c)

Crack down indicates negativity as well as irreparable (adverb)

7) Answer: c)

First sentence is told that students like to celebrate their birthday

In Q for pronoun it is pronounced and it is explained in Q that the argument of i give opportunity to enjoy with birthday friends. Q & s has a friend’s common factor. Joy full / joy in S and R is a common factor Birthday present in R and P is a common factor

So Correct answer option is (c) QSRP

8) Answer: a)

Sol: In S and P, he has been shooting is a common factor, the purpose of shooting in S and shooting place in p.So the first S will come and then the SP is a link. In the last one, R will come in which the time of incident has been given after the incident was brought to the surface of Irwin (6). So correct answer option is (a) QSPR

9) Answer: b)

Susceptible (Adjective) means likely to be influenced or harmed by some body so immune is connect antonym that means not effected by something.

Antonyms: Resistant, Insensitive

Synonyms: Obnoxious, Effected

10) Answer: b)

Procrastinate (verb) means to delay in doing something so expedite is correct antonym which means speed up

Antonyms:  Expedite, Hurry

Synonyms:  Loiter

11) Answer: c)

The correctly spelt word is upheaval it means to life up.

Eg: Pre capitation of soil was the main reason for upheaval of land portion in that area.

12) Answer: a)

 The correctly spelt work is prejudice means a belief without basis.

13) Answer: a)

14) Answer: c)

15) Answer: a)


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