SSC Current Affairs Quiz – 01st July 2021

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Dear Aspirants, SSC Current Affairs quiz questions are available here. It will be very helpful to practice for various SSC exams such as SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, etc. Aspirants find it very hard to memorize and remember a large data of current affairs. To make it easier, you have to attend SSC current affairs quiz in a regular manner. As you attend quiz regularly, you can find and correct mistakes. This will help you to score more marks in the current affairs section of SSC exams. So, utilize the SSC current affairs quiz questions available here and practice in a regular manner. the SSC current affairs quiz questions available here are from the exam point of view. Also, after attending the quiz, you can check the solution along with the detailed explanation at the bottom. So, that you can learn all the
current affairs news in an effective manner.

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1) Which among the following day has been observed every year on June 30?

(a)World Meteoroid Day

(b)World Comets Day

(c)World Constellation Day

(d) World Asteroid Day

2) Which among the following Organisation has observed June 30 as the International Day of Parliamentarism?

(a) UNGA

(b) UNSC


(d) UN Global Compact

3) What is the extended deadline for the Atmanirbhar Bharat Rozgar Yojana,launched to encourage employment generation?

(a)April 30, 2022

(b)June 30, 2022

(c) March 31, 2022

(d)September 30, 2022

4) According to the findings of Randstad Employer Brand Research, Which among the following brand has emerged as the second most ‘attractive employer brand’?

(a) Google India

(b) Microsoft India

(c) Tata Steel

(d) Amazon India

5) Whom among the following has been appointed as the Tamil Nadu’s new Director General of Police?

(a) Karan Singha

(b) Irai Anbu

(c) C Sylendra Babu

(d) JK Tripathy

6) Shambhu Nath Srivastava has been appointed as the chairman of Indian Federation of United Nations Associations. Where is the headquarters of IFUNA located?

(a) Mumbai

(b) Chennai

(c) Hyderabad

(d)New Delhi

7) The Fukuoka Grand Prize for 2021 has been awarded to Palagummi Sainath. He is a well known_________

(a) Actor

(b) Guitarist

(c) Cartoonist

(d) Journalist

8) A Joint military exercise“Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 2021” was held between which among the following countries?

(a)  India & Azerbaijan

(b) Turkey & Azerbaijan

(c)Pakistan& Azerbaijan

(d)Turkey &Pakistan

9) A new Plant Species called Sida keralensis has been found in which among the following State?

(a) Karnataka

(b) Arunachal Pradesh



10) “Policymaker’s Journal: From New Delhi to Washington D.C” has been authored by Kaushik
Basu. He is a well-known _________.


(b) Biologist

(c) Economist

(d) Scientist

11) Indian shooter Rahi Sarnobat has won a gold medal in the women’sInternational Shooting Sport Federation World Cup under which among the following Category?

(a)25m pistol

(b) 20m pistol

(c)10m pistol

(d) 15m pistol

12) The Archery World Cup Stage 3was won by Deepika Kumari in which among the following City?

(a) England

(b) Italy


(d) Paris

Answers :

1) Answer: D

The United Nations has proclaimed World Asteroid Day observed globally on June 30 every year in its resolution.

International Asteroid Day aims to raise public awareness about the asteroid impact hazard and to inform the public about the crisis communication actions to be taken at the global level in case of a credible near-Earth object threat.

2) Answer: A

June 30 is observed as the International Day of Parliamentarism every year. The Day was designated in 2018 by the United Nations General Assembly.

It marks the day of the establishment of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the global organization of parliaments in 1889.

The day celebrates parliaments and recognizes the significance of parliamentary systems of government in shaping modern societies.

3) Answer: C

The government extended the Atmanirbhar Bharat Rozgar Yojana, which was launched in October last year to encourage employment generation, by nine months till March 31, 2022.

Around 21.42 lakh people have benefited from the scheme till June 18, 2021, with a total outgo of Rs. 902 crore.

4) Answer: D

Technology giant Google India has emerged as the most ‘attractive employer brand’, followed by Amazon India and Microsoft India.

Amazon India emerged as the runner-up, followed by Microsoft India. Others in the top 10 most attractive employer brands in India for 2021 include Infosys Technologies at fourth place, Tata Steel (5th), Dell Technologies Ltd (6th), IBM (7th), Tata Consultancy Services (8th), Wipro (9th), and Sony (10th).

5) Answer: C

The State government appointed Dr C Sylendra Babu as Tamil Nadu’s new Director General of Police and head of police force with effect from July 1.

The incumbent DGP, JK Tripathy, retires after two years of service on June 30.

6) Answer: D

Justice (Retd.) Shambhu Nath Srivastava, a former judge of Allahabad High Court and former chief Lokayukta of Chhattisgarh, has been appointed the chairman of IFUNA.He succeeds Mukul Sangma, a former chief minister of Meghalaya.

The IFUNA (Indian Federation of United Nations Associations), affiliated to the World Federation of United Nations Associations, (WFUNA) Geneva, enjoys special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations, brings people and issues together to promote collective action for a sustainable world.Headquarters: New Delhi

7) Answer: D

Journalist Palagummi Sainath has been awarded the Fukuoka Grand Prize for 2021.

The award, established by Japan’s Fukuoka city and the Fukuoka City International Foundation, is given to individuals and organisations for their work in preserving Asian culture.

8) Answer: B

On June 28, 2021, Turkey & Azerbaijan armies started joint military exercises Mustafa Kemal Ataturk – 2021 in Baku.

The drill name is a reference to modern Turkey’s founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

It Involves 600 soldiers, 40 tanks and armored vehicles, 20 cannons, seven war helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and 50 other vehicles.

9) Answer: D

A new Plant Species Sida keralensis found on the roadsides and wastelands in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala.

Their findings have been revealed in the journal Phytotaxa.

10) Answer: C

A New Book Titled “Policymaker’s Journal: From New Delhi to Washington D.C” Authored by Indian economist Kaushik Basu.

The book charts the course of Kaushik Basu’s career over seven years first in India as Chief Economic Adviser to the Indian Government and after that as Chief Economist at the World Bank in Washington.

This book is a revised version of the diary that Kaushik Basu kept for seven years.

11) Answer: A

Indian shooter Rahi Sarnobat won a gold medal in the women’s 25M pistol event at the 2021 International Shooting Sport Federation World Cup being held in Osijek, Croatia.

Rahi shot 39 out of 50 in the 25m pistol final to win & It was India’s first gold at the ongoing edition of the tournament.

The silver went to France’s Mathilde Lamolle, who scored 31 out of 50.

12) Answer: D

India’s Deepika Kumari completed a hat-trick of gold medals at the Archery World Cup Stage 3 in Paris.

Deepika Kumari beat Elena Osipova of Russia in the final. It is her third gold medal at the tournament.

Deepika has also won the top prize in the mixed team and women’s individual recurve events.In the mixed recurve team event, husband-wife duo Atanu Das and Deepika Kumari bagged Gold with 5-3 win over the Netherlands.

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