List of Static GK Topics For Competitive Exams: Download Here

List of Static GK Topics For Competitive Exams: Static GK is one of the most important subjects for government examinations. To achieve success in a competitive exam, you have to be updated yourself on the List of Static GK Topics.  So here we have added a List of Static GK Topics For Competitive Exams.


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On this page, we have listed all the necessary Static GK Topics from an exam point of view.  Among all the sections, the general awareness section needs some extra attention and effort. Static GK is a part of the general awareness section.

What is Static GK?

In competitive exams like banking, SSC, UPSC, railways, etc., the general awareness section plays a prominent role. In this several questions will be asked from the static GK topics. The general knowledge topics and general facts, that will never change in the future are covered under the static GK topics. There are a lot of areas in the static GK topic. Candidates have to focus on all the topics to answer the questions on these topics. For that, you can prepare with the expert-curated different static GK pdf materials. After the preparation tests your knowledge through static GK quizzes to strengthen your memory power. If and only if you put all these efforts with dedication, you can score well in the static GK topics.

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Why Static GK Important?

Time plays a significant role in competitive exams. Sections like quantitative aptitude and reasoning will consume a lot of time. But the general awareness section is the chance for the candidates to save time and score well in a limited period of time. If you have prepared well for this section, then you can score good marks as well as save a lot of time for the other sections. This strategy works out for the exams in which there is no sectional timing. Also, for the exams with sectional timing, it is very imperative that you have to prepare well to score maximum marks in this section. Only then you can outperform many candidates in the competition. Thus, general awareness is an important section, that has more probability to decide the winners of the exam. In this general awareness section, certain questions will cover the static GK topics.

Topics Under Static GK:

The candidates have to study and practice for more days to make thorough of all the topics. Here we have added some of the important exam points of view static GK topics. The static GK topics are in a large number to cover. So prepare with dedication and hard work.

The chief ministers of India list: This list is very useful for the candidates preparing for the competitive exams. The chief minister of the state is selected with the State legislative assembly election. In the state assembly election, the state is divided into a number of constituencies. The political parties will post their candidate in each constituency. The common people of the state will vote in the election. Here we have provided an updated list of the chief ministers of India for your reference.

Governors of India list: The governors are appointed by the President of India. In states, there will be governors, whereas, in Union territories, lieutenant governors are appointed. As an exception, some union territories will have administrators.

A List of Indian banks’ headquarters is added here. This list is very useful especially for banking aspirants for their general awareness preparation. Along with the bank headquarters their taglines and key persons are also available. So candidates can prepare for the exam with this list of Indian banks headquarter

List of lakes in India and also we have highlighted the peculiar specifications of these lakes like the Largest lake in India in Saline water Largest Lake in India in Freshwater, Highest lake in India, Artificial lake, Man-Made Lake, etc. Hope this will be useful for your examination to increase your marks.

List of RBI Governors of India: Reserve Bank of India governor is the chief executive of India’s central bank and the ex-officio chairperson of its Central Board of Directors. RBI acts as a  parent body for all other commercial banks in India, In India, Rupee currency notes which are issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), bear the governor’s signature.

Country capitals and currency In this article, we are providing you with a list of countries, capitals, and their currencies. Once the candidate is confident with the GK topics, it would never change. Prepare well and take up the test to validate your memory power.

States and Capitals of India: India is a union of States and also the second populous country across the world located in South Asia. Globally known for its cultural and traditional values. India Comprises 28 States and 9 Union Territories.

International Airports in India and domestic airports in India are administered by the Airport Authority of India (AAI). Airport Authority of India (AAI) is controlled by the Ministry of Civil Aviation. AAI is responsible for managing, upgrading, and maintaining the civil aviation infrastructure in India. AAI provides the service of Air Traffic Management in Indian airspace locations.

Power Plants in India: The state-wise distribution of the Thermal Power and Nuclear Power Plants in India with its location is one of the most expected topics in upcoming Insurance and IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO/PO/RRB exams.

National Parks of India: The list of state-wise distribution of the most popular national parks of India is given for your reference. The first National Park in India was established in 1936 and named the Hailey National Park. It is now called Jim Corbett National Park. Boost your general knowledge skill by updating all the latest general awareness.

Stadiums in India: Stadiums in India and the locations of those stadiums are showcased here to enhance your preparation. Candidates are advised to remember this list of stadiums of the country. Prepare well and take up the test to validate your memory power.

Important Awards in India: Awards are honor and privilege bestowed to the achiever of the society. People who have worked diligently to reach a level of excellence are conferred with the awards. In the course of their journey, they work for the development and upliftment of society and concerned fields. Here we are providing you with some of the important awards in India and their winners.

List of Nobel prize winners 2020: First Nobel Prize was given in the year 1901 after the death of Alfred Nobel. After that, this ceremony has been awarded every year. Today Nobel Prize is considered the most prestigious award in various fields. The Nobel prize is awarded in six fields i.e. medicine, chemistry, physics, literature, peace, and economics. The Cash Prize is decided by the Nobel Foundation to be awarded each year.

List Of Geographical Indication Tags: Using Geographical Indications is like a certification that the particular product is produced as per traditional methods. It has certain specific qualities or has a particular reputation because of its geographical origin.

List of Presidents of India: President of India is also known as the first citizen of India. The honorable President of India is the head of the state and is also the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces. The president is the nominal head of the government, he acts on the advice of the Prime Minister (Council of Minister). He represents the nation but does not rule it. The real power rests with the council of ministers.

List of Vice Presidents of India: Vice president is the second most honorary position of the country. This prestigious position in our country has been handled by 13 men till now. Here we have provided you with the list of the vice presidents along with their tenure, responsibilities, and eligibility criteria.

Tiger Conservation in India: Project Tiger is a Tiger Conservation program launched by the Government of India during Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s tenure in April 1973. The main aim of this project is to protect the Bengal Tiger from extinction.

Prime minister of India list: Before going to the list of PM in India, you should know how the prime minister is elected in India. In the Lok Sabha election, the alliance or party which gets the majority of seats is the winning party. The PM candidate of the winning party or alliance is selected as the Prime Minister of India. The Prime Minister is appointed by the President of India. 

Prominent gardens in India: India is a country with rich cultural diversity. Various monuments and landscapes make it a unique and beautiful site attracting thousands of tourists. In this section, we will take a look at the Prominent gardens developed in India across different times 

Important awards in India: Awards are honor and privilege bestowed to the achiever of society. People who have worked diligently to reach a level of excellence are conferred with the awards. In the course of their journey, they work for the development and upliftment of society and concerned fields. Here we are providing you with some of the important awards in India and their winners.

Summits and conferences: The meeting of dignitaries of states to discuss issues of national or international importance are termed as summits and conferences. There are a few important organizations conducting these meetings every year to inculcate joint efforts ensuring the prosperity of the planet. Take a look at the imminent summits and conferences. 

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Preparation Strategy of Static GK:

These are significant Static GK topics from the examination point of view. In previous exams of UPSC, railways, SSC, etc, questions were available from these topics. In a single exam, it is impossible that questions will be asked from all these topics. But you have to study all the topics so that you can answer questions from a few of these topics.

The static GK is a very big section to cover. Candidates need to work very hard to cover the entire section of Static GK topics. Prepare by various smart methods. so that you can enjoy your preparation. Or else you will get bored after continuous preparation. Here we have added some preparation methods and strategies for the static GK topics.

Use PDF Study Materials:

Quality study material is the first step to success. If you prepare with average study materials, you cannot achieve your goal. Those materials may contain errors or miss some important data. So should use the best quality Static GK pdf 2020 study materials to update your knowledge while preparation. For each topic, we have listed a separate pdf, so that you can prepare without any pressure and confusion. Our IBPS GUIDE static GK materials are the best in the business. you can use it for your exam preparation in an effective manner.

Attend Quizzes Regularly:

For any preparation, practice will give you the full potential to score marks in the exam. Only with practice, you can analyze your mistakes and correct them. The analysis and correction of mistakes is a gradual process. Only if you attend a lot of quizzes, you can rectify maximum mistakes to attain maximum accuracy. So attempt static GK quiz in a regular manner. Also, attending quiz will improve your memory power a lot. Attending the quizzes will help you to keep regular contact with all the topics. So, you can prepare for all the topics thoroughly.

Use Power Capsules for Last Minute Preparation:

Some candidates opt for preparation at the last minute. Mostly you cannot cover more topics in the last-minute preparation. In that situation, candidates will study selective topics and avoid more topics. This is a low standard of preparation. In this way of preparation, you cannot expect more marks in the general awareness section. But there is a smart way for the last minute preparations. Use static GK capsule pdf for the last minute preparation. So that you can cover most of the exam point of view topics. this will enhance your confidence. Mostly avoid the last-minute preparations. But if you are in such a situation, opt for power capsules for better results.

Study in Exam Point of View:

From the general awareness section exam point of view, preparation is very important. There are certain candidates who focus on certain competitive exams only. Some candidates prepare only for SSC exams. In that case, check the previous year SSC question papers. Then mark the topics that are frequently asked. Then prepare questions in priority of static GK for SSC exams. If you prepare this section from an exam point of view, there are chances for scoring high marks. This is one of the smartest methods of preparation.

Prioritize the Topics:

Anyway, you have to prepare more number of topics for this section. So give priority to the topics and prepare in an order. Select the priority list based on the exam. If you are preparing for the bank exam such as SBI clerk mains or RBI Assistant mains, then give importance to banking awareness. Prepare static GK for bank exam point of view. In banking awareness, there are a lot of topics to cover. Some of the important topics are, History of banking, banks, and their headquarters, banking terminologies, regulation acts, etc. All these topics are very important for static GK for bank exams.

Schedule Your Preparation:

You cannot prepare all the static GK topics in an over-night time. It is a lengthy process. At least you have to allocate one month for very good preparation. In this period, make a schedule for your preparation. Each day prepares a topic and attends a quiz. If you do this continuously, you can almost complete all the topics. Then revise the topics side-by-side. Revision is the key to memorizing this much amount of data. Without revision, you will struggle to attend this section of the exam. You will get confused over the given options in the exam. To avoid confusion in the exam, revise all the topics at uniform intervals. Also, use static GK MCQ pdf for quiz practice.

Watch Online Videos:

If you are bored of studying with capsules and pdfs, prefer the online videos. there are many online videos to study static GK. Through the online videos, you can also learn tricks to remember the GK questions. The tricks will help you to remember the question and answers in a simple manner. Also, you will not forget the data very easily. These online videos will make your preparation joyful.

Advantage of Static GK in Exams:

This section has many advantages in exams. They are,

  • If you are clear with the answer, you will require just less than 5 seconds to finish a question. So that you can answer more questions in a less time period.
  • In certain exams, there will be no sectional timing. In those exams attend the general awareness section first. If you are bright in the static GK and current affairs part, you can finish that section within a few minutes. This will boost your confidence at the beginning of the exam itself.
  • If you are average in the quantitative aptitude or reasoning section, then general awareness is the only hope for you. You have to be thorough with the static GK and current affairs to aim for the maximum marks. This section may help you to attain success.
  • Unless in other sections, you need not think much or calculate with numbers. Just daily preparation and practice will help you to score marks for this section.

Our IBPS GUIDE is providing very good study materials for static GK preparation. Also, you can attend quizzes regularly to boost your confidence. Static GK in Hindi and English languages are available. So candidates can prepare in any language as per their convenience. If you prepare this section well, you will have bright chances to crack any difficult exam. Because most of the candidates will lag in static GK and current affairs part.

Here we have also given the links for general awareness, current affairs, static GK preparation. You can also Practice quiz and test your level of preparation. Along with static GK, give importance to current affairs and all the other subtopics of the general awareness section. Only then you can score more marks in the general awareness section.

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