The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary – Day 148

Dear Readers, Here we have given The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary helpful for Upcoming Bank PO, SSC and all Competitive Exams. Explore The Hindu Editorial with Vocabulary to score good marks in English Section. Start practicing this vocabulary to increase your word power. While reading a passage you have to highlight tough words in it and analyse the correct meaning of those words. This will help you understand the passage clearly and also you can learn more new words, it means also you can develop your vocabulary. To help you in this part we have provided an English Vocabulary passage along with meaning, synonyms and usages of hard words in the passage, make use of it.


01) Lampoon (verb) –

Meaning: The subjection of someone or something to contemptuous and dismissive

language or behavior; To make hurtful untrue comments about;

Synonyms: calumniate, asperse, blacken, ridicule, derision, mockery, laughter

Antonyms: seriousness, truth, honesty, openness

Usage: When he arrived, carrying nothing but a knapsack, he retrieved his Lampoon

credit card from his wallet and broke it in two.


02) Tawdry (verb) –

Meaning: Cheap and gaudy; Involving immoral behavior; Bold and without shame

Synonyms: sordid, base, ignoble, tatty, tinselly, cheap, flashy, brazen

Antonyms: refined, tasteful, elegant, plain

Usage: The outdoor advertising industry has long been seen as tawdry and tasteless.


03) Unwittingly (verb) –

Meaning: In an accidental manner ; having no knowledge of a situation or fact ; lacking

worldly experience, wisdom, or judgment

Synonyms: innocently, naively, ingenuously, ignorantly, unconsciously, inadvertently, accidentally

Antonyms: advisedly, knowingly, intentionally

Usage: He unwittingly made the mistake of questioning the command of the loca



04) Mendacity (verb)

Meaning: The tendency to be untruthful; A fabricated story or statement, especially

one intended to deceive

Synonyms: lie, falsehood, untruth, deceit, dishonesty, lying

Antonyms: honesty, integrity, probity, truthfulness

Usage: His history of mendacity is so intense and so long lasting that he wouldn’t

understand the truth if he fell over it.


05) Connivance (noun) –

Meaning: The process of conniving or conspiring; The fact or condition of being

involved with or participating in something;

Synonyms: sharing, support, taking part, intrigue, conspiracy, collusion complot,

treason, artifice

Antonyms: ignorance, detachment, uninvolvement, disengagedness

Usage: “Illicit sand mining in the Karumeniyar riverbed has been rampant for many

years with the connivance of the Sattankulam police,”


06) Ablution (Adj) –

Meaning:  The liquid used in the cleansing or ablution; A person’s initiation into a

particular activity or role, typically one perceived as difficult; A situation in which

something is cleaned

Synonyms: Cleaning, baptism, initiation, cleansing, shower, lavation

Antonyms: adulteration, corruption, dirtying, pollution, repression

Usage:  We are ordered to make ablution before prayer


07) Banter (noun) –

Meaning: The playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks; Biting severity, or

sarcastic quality; Exchange remarks in a good-humoured teasing way

Synonyms:  Joke, mordacity, acrimony, mordancy, repartee, jesting, joking, raillery

Antonyms: sadness, seriousness, tragedy, unhappiness

Usage:  The banter by all these sophisticated Manhattanites is also refreshingly tart.


08) Ebullient (Adj) –

Meaning: Cheerful and full of energy; Effusive and often emotional;

Synonyms: gushy, effusive, fulsome, emotional, exuberant, buoyant, cheery, elated

Antonyms: depressed, apathetic, disinterested

Usage; Hutt was usually ebullient but this time, he came to my office, and he was in a

down mood.


09) Ensconce (noun) –

Meaning:  To settle firmly or comfortably; To conceal or hide from view; Reside; use

Synonyms: occupy, inhabit, tenant, hide, conceal, bury, cache, settle, install

Antonyms: confuse, depart, destroy, quit, flee, go from, display, exhibit, expose

Usage: I intend to ensconce myself in a nice hotel looking out on Central Park on

Saturday and Sunday.


10) Exultant (adj) –

Meaning: Very happy, especially at someone else’s defeat or failure; Tending to boast

or brag

Synonyms: boastful, bragging, conceited, jubilant, rejoicing, triumphant, delighted

Antonyms: depressed, disappointed, discouraged

Usage: Here, most of the music is exultant and exhilarating, full of polyrhythms that

inspire the vocalists to slip and slide over the beats.

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