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Mensuration questions are available here for practice. Mensuration is an important topic in the quantitative aptitude section. but many candidates will skip the mensuration problems in the exams. Because mensuration questions will have a lot more topics to cover. In 2D shapes, you will have to cover square, rectangle, triangle, circle, etc. In 3D shapes you will have to cover sphere, cone, cylinder, cube, cuboid, etc. for all these shapes there will be more formulas. So candidates have to work hard to solve mensuration questions in the exam.

The mensuration questions and answers pdf practice will help you a lot in the exam. In the exam, you will have to solve the mensuration questions to find out various solutions. some times mensuration-based DI will be asked in the exam. You can solve those DI, if and only if you know the correct mensuration formulas. nowadays competitive exams are very tough to crack. So, candidates have to prepare well for each and every topic. If you prepare mensuration questions well, then you can beat the heavy competition very easily.

In the mensuration problems, you have to find out the perimeter or area or volume, or surface area. So, you have to know all the formulas without any mistakes. if you learn the concepts, then it will be very easy to memorize all the mensuration formulas. then you can easily solve all the mensuration problems in the exam.