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General Awareness Questions asked in IBPS Clerk Mains

Dear Readers, we have given here the set of Questions asked in IBPS Clerk Mains Examination 2019-2020 which was held on 19th January 2020. Candidates those who are preparing for the upcoming exams can make use of it.

Note: Most of the Current Affairs questions were asked from our IBPS Clerk Current affairs Capsule, Static Capsule and Banking Capsule (Page numbers of the capsule are mentioned in each question). IBPS Guide happy to inform you more than “35 questions” asked from our IBPS Clerk/Static GK capsules and Daily current affairs

Questions Asked in IBPS Clerk Prelims 2020

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  1. Which bank will be the lead bank convenor bank for union territory of Ladakh?

Answer: State bank of India

(Page No – 19 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 1)

  1. Bharat Bond will invest only in AAA-rated public sector bonds, What is the maturity perioed of AAA rated public sector bonds?

Answer: 3yrs and 10yrs

  1. Seema is associated with which sports?

Answer: Weightlifting

(Page No – 89 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 3)

  1. The new PPI can be used only for the purchase of goods and services up to _________ per month.

Answer: Rs.10, 000

(Page No – 7 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 1)

  1. Which city was adjudged as the cleanest city as per Swacch Survekshan League 2020?

Answer: Indore, Madhya Pradesh

  1. Tiger Triumph is a bilateral tri-service amphibious military exercise involving the armed forces of India and which country?

Answer: USA

(Page No – 38 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 1)

  1. What is the minimum paid-up capital required for an urban cooperative bank to voluntarily convert into a small finance bank?

Answer: Rs.100 crore

(Page No – 6 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 1)

  1. UN General Assembly passed the resolution to celebrate 10 February as?

Answer: World pulses day

  1. Konark dance festival is celebrated in which Indian state?

Answer: Odisha

(Page No – 45 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 1)

  1. To boost payments through home-grown real-time payment systems the exemption of MDR charges on transactions done via UPI and RuPay payment modes, what does M stand for in MDR?

Answer: Merchant Discount Rate

(Page No – 13 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 1)

  1. RBI recently announced that money transfer through NEFT can now be done round-the-clock, NEFT transactions will now take place in how many batches per day?

Answer: 48 half hourly batches in a day

(Page No – 45 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 1)

  1. Where is the headquarters of New Development Bank?

Answer: Shanghai, China

(Page No – 33 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 1)

  1. Under Pradhan Mantri MUDRA Yojana, What is the maximum loan amount in Kishore category?

Answer: Maximum limit: Rs. 5 Lakh

  1. By which year India will achieve target of 175GW renewable energy generation?

Answer: 2022

(Page No – 10 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 1)

  1. The Atal tunnel which will become the world’s longest tunnel above 3000m of sea level will provide connectivity from Manali of Himachal Pradesh and _____

Answer: Leh, Ladakh

(Page No – 54 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 1)

  1. Training to astronauts for the Gaganyaan mission, the training of astronauts will begin in which country?

Answer: Russia

(Daily Current Affairs – 08th January 2020)

  1. The Pradhan mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana provides how much amount to farmers in how many monthly installments?

Answer: RS.2000 in 3 monthly installments in 4 quarters

(Daily Current Affairs – 01st and 02nd January 2020)

  1. How much percentage Digital payments constitute out of total non-cash retail payments during the period October 2018 to September 2019?

Answer: 96%

  1. Vidhya Sinha passed away recently she related to which field?

Answer: Actress

(Monthly Current Affairs – August 2019)

  1. Where is Headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) located?

Answer: Vienna, Austria.

(Page No – 24 – Static GK Capsule)

  1. What is the name given to a type of mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF) that emphasizes current income, either on a monthly or quarterly basis, as opposed to capital gains or appreciation?

Answer: Arbitrage fund

  1. According to RBI, the interest rate linked to an external benchmark has to be revised at least once in how many months?

Answer: 3 months

(Page No – 9 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 1)

  1. RBI had instructed to banks on cash withdrawal at PoS (point of sale) devices enabled for all debit cards and open-loop prepaid cards issued by them, the limit was cash withdrawal up to __________ per day in Tier-III to VI centres

Answer: Rs 2,000

  1. An urban cooperative bank’s exposure limits will be revised to 10 percent and 25 percent of its Tier-I capital for single borrower/party and a group of connected borrowers/parties, respectively. They will also have to lower their existing exposures in excess of the revised limits by ______

Answer: March 31, 2023

  1. Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS) provides an upfront subsidy of 15 per cent on institutional credit up to _______ for MSMEs

Answer: up to Rs 1 crore

(Page No – 30 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 2)

  1. Top batsman in ICC test batting rankings in December 2019?

Answer: Virat Kohli

(Page No – 64 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 3)

  1. RBI has increased the timeline for the conversion of minimum KYC detail for prepaid payment instruments (PPIs) to full KYC compliant PPIs ______

Answer: 18 months to 24 months

(Page No – 12 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 1)

  1. Universal Sompo General Insurance Company launched the “Super Health care policy” associated with which bank____

Answer: Allahabad Bank and Indian Overseas Bank

(Page No – 20 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 1)

  1. Who is the winner of the Nobel Prize for literature 2019?

Answer: Peter Handke

(Page No – 61 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 2)

  1. Punjab national bank will be merged with which bank?

Answer: United bank of India

(Page No – 31 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 1)

  1. Union Government is planning to set up a new rocket launch pad in which state?

Answer: Tamil Nadu

(Daily Current Affairs – 09th January 2020)

  1. The 2019 BRICS summit was the eleventh annual BRICS summit held in Brasilia, Brasilia is the capital of which country?

Answer: Federative Republic of Brazil

(Page No – 25 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 3)

  1. The great Himalayan national park is located in which state?

Answer: Himachal Pradesh

(Page No – 36 – Static GK Capsule – Part 1)

  1. 107th Indian science Congress was held in which city?

Answer: Bengaluru, Karnataka

(Page No – 45 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 1)

  1. India’s tree and forest cover is what percent of total geographical area in India?

Answer: 24.39%

  1. Which city was formally accorded status of India’s first World Heritage City by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Answer: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

(Page No – 71 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 2)

  1. Where is the Headquarters of SWIFT located?

Answer: Belgium

  1. Hemant Soren has been elected as the chief minister of which state?

Answer: Jharkhand

(Page No – 58 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 2)

  1. CLCSS provides investment for technology upgradation in MSME to how many sub sectors?

Answer: 51 sub sectors

(Page No – 30 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 2)

  1. Which organisation has put 450 of its patents for free access to industries for commercial exploitation?

Answer: DRDO

  1. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor launched a mobile application called MANI to aid visually challenged persons in identifying the denomination of currency notes, what does M stand for in MANI?

Answer: Mobile Aided Note Identifier

(Page No – 9 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 1)

  1. Union Minister of Human Resources Development Ramesh Pokhriyal inaugurated the 28th New Delhi World Book Fair, What was the theme of Delhi book fair 2020?

Answer: Gandhi: the writers’ writer

  1. Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant is the largest nuclear power station in India, situated in which state?

Answer: Tamil Nadu

(Page No – 41 – Static GK Capsule)

  1. Vijay Kumar Iyer appointed as liquidator by RBI for voluntarily winding up of which bank?

Answer: Aditya Birla Payments Bank

  1. Which bank in partnership with First Hive, a cross-channel marketing platform, has launched SME Empower, an online marketplace catering exclusively to small and medium enterprises?

Answer: ICICI Bank

  1. Who claimed the World Women’s Rapid Chess Championship title in Moscow?

Answer: Koneru Humpy

(Page No – 89 – IBPS Clerk Capsule – Part 3)

  1. To boost indigenous research capabilities in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated five Young Scientists Laboratories of which organisation to the nation?

Answer: DRDO

(Daily Current Affairs – 4Th January 2020)

  1. Cricketer Peter Siddle announced retirement recently, he belongs to which country?

Answer: Australia

(Daily Current Affairs – 01st and 02nd January 2020)

  1. As per Payments system vision 2019-2021, number of digital transactions is expected to increase from 2069 crore in December 2018 to ____ crore in December 2021?

Answer: 8707 crore

  1. January 12 observed as National Youth Day, The day was chosen to honor the birthday of whom?

Answer: Swami Vivekananda

(Page No – 2 – Static GK Capsule)

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