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Idioms and phrases

Directions (1-5): Identify the words that are similar in meaning to the phrase in bold. If none of option conveys the correct meaning, mark (E) as your answer. The options do not necessarily need to be grammatically correct.

1) She was so under the weather that she had to skip the tournament.

  1. busy
  2. injured
  3. sick, unwell
  4. depressed
  5. None of the above

2) The thought of spending his weekend working on the presentation made him see red.

  1. feel upset
  2. get contemplative
  3. feel sad and morose
  4. feel furious suddenly
  5. None of the above

3) With batting average of 20.23 in 2018 and 19.75 in 2019, Shai Hope’s place in the lineup has become increasingly untenable.

  1. unjustifiable
  2. fatigued
  3. unfair
  4. ridiculous
  5. None of the above

4) Taking advantage of bowling first, the visiting team’s unheralded pace attack turned the tables on the fancied home team.

  1. landed a knockout blow
  2. converting a difficult situation into one of strength
  3. took advantage by unfair means
  4. made a mess
  5. None of the above

5) Losing Edith after more than 30 years of married life made Roger lose the plot completely

  1. act in a crazy, chaotic or irrational manner
  2. act in a boorish or impolite manner
  3. act snobbishly
  4. pretend indifference
  5. None of the above

Sentence Completion

Directions (6-10): In each of these questions, a paragraph is given that has a blank in it. Out of the given options, only one fits in with the context of the paragraph. Select that as the answer.

6) The dollar — an important symbol of America’s global standing — remains the primary currency of choice for investors, who use it to trade a wide array of assets around the globe. It’s also the world’s top reserve currency, held in large quantities by governments, central banks and other major financial institutions. ___________________________________________.

  1. Meanwhile, asset managers like BlackRock are encouraging clients to consider investment opportunities in Europe
  2. This could hurt the dollar’s value in the coming months
  3. Now, some on Wall Street warn it could fall further, due in part to President Donald Trump’s handling of the crisis and isolationist policies
  4. Dollar bulls and skeptics alike note that at present, there’s no real alternative
  5. None of the above

7)  The announcement comes weeks after the US threatened to take action, accusing India of “unfair and discriminatory practices” for running exclusive paid flights under its “Vande Bharat Mission” to bring back Indians from other countries

  1. The minister said India is planning to establish such agreements with the UK soon under which there would be two flights per day between Delhi and London
  2. Scheduled international passenger flights have been suspended in India since March 23 due to the coronavirus pandemic
  3. India has signed bilateral agreements with France and the US that will allow airlines of each country to operate international flights starting Friday, Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said on Thursday
  4. From India, Air India will be operating flights to France and US under these bubbles
  5. None of the above

8)  ________________________________. In place of the old Fort William, Clive’s new one was now finished; and, bearing in mind the old garrison’s handicap with almost no field of fire, a vast area alongside had been ordered empty of everything but trees and parade of ground, or maidan. Business in real estate and mortgages was brisk and mansions were going up.

  1. Calcutta, when it had a mind to it, could mount an exquisite ball
  2. He began to see Calcutta as the first city of Asia and not merely in size or wealth
  3. This does not sound like life in a struggling village of mud houses and it was that no longer, for Calcutta was expanding again.
  4. Hastings returned to Bengal two years after a famine there had wiped out maybe a third of the inhabitants
  5. None of the above

9)  A forum of over 350 Durga Puja organizers across Calcutta has come up with a code for festivity, which is around three months away, to try and ensure it is not scapped due to the Covid pandemic. _______________________________. At a recent meeting, representatives of Puja committees – small, medium and big – from across Calcutta decided on a 17 point code on how to go about ensuring social distancing during the festivity which draws lakhs of revellers every year.

  1. Only whole fruits will be allowed as offerings
  2. The code speaks of smaller pandals where visitors will see the idol from a distance, instead of huddling in front of the Goddess
  3. This year, Durga Puja begins on October 22nd and ends on October 26th
  4. According to some estimates, the five day festival generates around Rs 4000 crores of business
  5. None of the above

10)  The second occurrence was the deposition and transportation of Wajid Ali Shah, the nawab of Oudh in north India, in 1857 after what has been called the Sepoi Mutiny. A bit of Lucknow came to be transplanted to the Watgunge and Metiabruz areas of southwest Calcutta. __________________________________________

  1. Gracious mansions, churches, avenues, theaters, gardens and parks sprung up
  2. But Calcutta derived it’s very special flavour of unrestrained opulence, indolence and a certain genteel decadence only from Bengali gentry which initially collaborated with the British
  3. The Persian of the Moghul courts was now fused with home-grown Urdu
  4. Some of the families emulated the nawabs of Bengal in ostentation
  5. None of the above

Answers :

Directions (1-5) :

1) Answer: C

The phrase under the weather means being unwell or ill or indisposed (primarily health wise).

As per the meaning, only option C fits in.

Hence, option C is the correct answer choice.

2) Answer: D

The color “red” is usually perceived as an aggressive or violent color. Hence, the emotion usually attached with this color is anger or fury.

The expression see red means feel a sudden surge of strong anger. Therefore, option D is the one which fits the description perfectly.

Hence option D the correct answer choice.

3) Answer: A

The term untenable means an unsustainable or indefensible position. For e.g. in the investigation of the fraud, the bank manager’s negligence came out as a primary factor and after that, his position became quite untenable.

Among the given options, unjustifiable is having a similar meaning to untenable. With the batsman consistently underperforming, it is difficult to justify his presence in the team anymore.

Hence option A the correct answer choice.

4) Answer: B

The phrase turn the tables means to turn a disadvantageous position into one of strength.

Among the given options, option B matches the meaning of the phrase “turn the tables”

Hence, option B the correct answer choice.

5) Answer: A

The phrase lose the plot means to act in a crazy or irrational manner. For e.g. after too many pegs, the young prince lost the plot completely and created quite a ruckus.

A is the only option that matches the meaning.

Hence, option A the correct answer choice.

Directions (6-10) :

6) Answer: D

The original passage talks about the US currency dollar and its importance in a global setup.

We can rule out option B since it must follow some event which is likely to lead to dollar losing value in near future. The last sentence of the passage doesn’t refer to any such event.

Similarly, option C can also rule out since it says it (referring to dollar) could fall further. This would mean the preceding sentence must mention a fall of the dollar already having happened. That is not observed.

Therefore, we are left with options A and D. Option A is not making coherent sense if read in conjunction with the given passage. It appears sudden and abrupt.

But option D further emphasizes the importance of dollar as a currency and rounds off the paragraph logically.

Hence, option D the correct answer choice.

7) Answer: B

The original passage refers to disagreements between USA and India over international flights in the time of corona.

If we look at the options, option A doesn’t make sense as it is referring to some form of agreements so lines preceding it should have mention of such an agreement which is absent in the given passage.

The given passage starts with the name drop of an announcement. Option C seems to narrate the announcement which the passage starts with. Therefore, option C works before the given passage and not after it.

Option D is completely irrelevant. Only B which is providing a background/context fits in well with the given passage.

Hence, option B is the correct answer choice.

8) Answer: C

If we read the paragraph, it is talking about how a city is growing and expanding.

Now, if we look at the options, option A makes no sense with the rest of the passage. Option D also can be ruled out for the same reason.

Of the remaining options, option C makes the best logical sense since the sentence ends with Calcutta expanding and this fits in very well with the rest of the passage.

Hence, option C is the correct answer choice.

9) Answer: B

The given passage is talking about how forum of Durga Puja organizers in Calcutta have come up with guidelines for conducting the festival safely in the backdrop of the covid-19 pandemic.

If we look at the options, while all appear to be linked to the overall theme of Durga Puja festival, only option B appears as a logical fit in the missing space as it elaborates on the code that is mentioned in the first sentence.

The other options do not fit into the given construct.

Hence, option B is the correct answer choice.

10) Answer: C

The passage talks of the arrival of deposed Oudh ruler Wajid Ali Shah to Calcutta and the effect of the same. Therefore, the missing space at the end of the passage should give some indication of such changes.

We can rule out option A because the changes mentioned in this sentence fit appear to be introduced by western or European agencies than a north Indian ruler.

Option B also doesn’t fit logically. Option D is talking about behavior of some moneyed local residents – again not making sense.

Only option C matches with the theme and tonality of the passage.

Hence, option C the correct answer choice.

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