SBI PO Prelims English (Day-16)

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Phrase replacement

Directions (1-5): Which of the phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below each sentences should replace the phrase printed in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct:

1) Although scared of heights, she gather all her courage and stood a top the 24-storey building to participate in the activities.

(a) is gathered all courage

(b) gather all courageous

(c) gathered all courageous

(d) gathered all her courage

(e) no replacement required

2) Naturally, with everything gone so well for them, it was time for celebration.

(a) going as well

(b) gone as well

(c) going so well

(d) go so well

(e) no replacement required

3) The ban was imposed by the state’s commercial taxes department last Monday after protests by a certain community, which had threat to burn cinema halls screening the controversial movie.

(a) had threatened to burning

(b) had threatened to burn

(c) had threated to burn

(d) had threats of burning

(e) no replacement required

4) Rini, an avid football player who captained her team in school and college, will inaugurate the match tomorrow in Kerala.

(a) will been inaugurate

(b) will inauguration

(c) is inauguration

(d) will be inaugurate

(e) no replacement required

5) At a musical night organized for them, the artistic side of the doctors came as forward, as they sang beautifully and made the evening truly memorable.

(a) came to the fore

(b) came to the forth

(c) come to the fore

(d) come forward

(e) no replacement required

Idioms / phrases

Directions (6 – 10): In the following questions, four alternatives are given for the idioms/phrases. Choose the one which best express the meaning of the given idioms/phrases.

6) To read between the lines

(a) to do useless things

(b) to understand the hidden meaning of something

(c) to read carefully

(d) to suspect

(e) none of the above

7) To fight tooth and nail

(a) to fight cowardly

(b) to make every possible effort to win

(c) to fight heroically

(d) to fight a losing battle

(e) none of the above

8) Take exception to

(a) difficult

(b) object to

(c) to take with difficult

(d) different

(e) none of the above

9) His promotion on the cards

(a) due

(b) evident

(c) certain

(d) probable

(e) none of the above

10) To beat about the bush

(a) working hard to achieve the goal

(b) easily achieved success without much effort

(c) vigorous search for the culprit

(d) not to come to the point

(e) none of the above

Answers :

Directions (1-5) :

1) Answer: D

Here Past Simple tense should be used – ′gathered all her courage.′

2) Answer: C

Here Gerund is ′going so well.′

3) Answer: B

Here past perfect tense should be used – ′had threatened to burn′

4) Answer: E

No correction required.

5) Answer: A

Idiom came to the fore means : to be very important and noticed by people; to play an important part.

Directions (6-10) :

6) Answer: B

To read between the lines – to understand the hidden meaning of something

7) Answer: B

To fight tooth and nail – to make every possible effort to win

8) Answer: B

Take exception to – object to

9) Answer: D

His promotion on the cards – Probable.

10) Answer: D

To beat about the bush – not to come to the point

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