Coronavirus Questions | Top 10 Questions Related to Corona

COVID-19 All Over the World:

Corona viral disease has made the whole world panic. Every country is praying their gods for the return of normalcy. In Italy daily hundreds of peoples are dying for this disease. In USA the number of affected cases is skyrocketing day by day. Many developed countries’ economy have been hit huge by this COVID-19 spread.

  • Total cases all over the world – 859768
  • Total death all over the world – 42430
  • Recovered people all over the world – 178335
Country Total cases Total deaths Total people recovered
USA 188592 4055 7251
Italy 105792 12428 15729
Spain 95923 8464 19259
China 81554 3312 76238
Germany 71808 775 16100
France 52128 3523 9444
Iran 44605 2898 14656
UK 25150 1789 135
Switzerland 16605 433 1823
Turkey 13531 214 243
Belgium 12775 705 1696
Netherlands 12595 1039 250

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COVID-19 in India:

In India also the viral spread is speeding up.  People have to follow the self-quarantine measures for the 21 days in a strict manner.

  • Total cases in India – 1637
  • Total death cases in India – 45
  • Total people recovered in India – 148

India’s COVID-19 Action Plan

10 Important Questions Related to COVID-19:

Some people are spreading fake news about these COVID-19 related issues. So people all around the world have confusions in handling these issues. For example, some people have started self medicating with hydroxychloroquine to prevent them from the viral attack. Then came the official announcement that this drug is not for all general people, as it may lead to side effects. So there are several confusions over this matter. We have added here some important questions related COVID-19.

Hydroxychloroquine Drug is enough to Fight COVID-19? ICMR

Q: Is it true that the corona virus won’t attack the alcohol consumers?

A: It is a complete fake news. The alcohol consumption will lower the immune power. So those people are easily prone for the corona virus attack. So avoid liquor consumption and smoking habits.

Q: Will COVID-19 will spread to the pet animals such as dog and cat?

A: Still researches are going on it. But mostly the corona will not spread from human to pet animals as per the medical research of the several world organizations.

Q: Why is it delaying to find medicine for the treatment of COVID-19 cases?

A: Bacteria can survive in a separate manner. But a virus cannot survive like that. It will occupy the human cells for its survival. If we treat this disease with a drug or vaccine, it should kill the virus by not affecting our cells. It is challenging to find such medicine. That’s why it is delaying to find medicine for corona virus treatment.

Q: Will the corona virus attack a person who has already recovered from COVID-19?

A: This still remains doubtful. Researchers are working to find answer for this question.

Q: Can the corona virus survive on our cell phones?

A: Yes, it can survive on our cell phones for 2 or 3 days. So it is necessary to clean our mobile phones. For that don’t use water or hand sanitizers. Use specially made display cleaners.

Q: Will the coronavirus spread through air?

A:  For up to 1 meter, the virus can travel in air through the human saliva or mucus. That’s why it is advisable to maintain at least one-meter social distancing among the people.

Q: Has the corona virus attacked the rich countries more than the poor countries?

A: As of now, the answer for this question is yes. Till now the most affected countries are China, USA, UK, Italy, France, etc. All these countries are economically well developed.

Q: Will the corona virus attack us, if we use items manufactured in China?

A: No, you will not get affected by this. Because the products from China will have to cross various weather conditions to reach India. So there is no chance for viral attack by using Chinese products.

Q: How many months will take it to find vaccine for cCOVID-19 disease prevention?

A: According to medical researchers, it will take minimum one year to find vaccine for corona virus disease.

Q: Is the corona virus disease is more dangerous for the elderly people than the affected children?

A: Yes. According to medical reports, the corona viral disease is more dangerous for the old people than the children

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