RRB PO Prelims Reasoning (Day-14)

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Direction sense

Direction (1-3): Study the following information carefully and answer the below questions.

Amir starts his journey from point A. He walks 10 m in North direction and reaches point B. Now, turning to the right, he walks 8 m to reach point C then he takes left turn and walk 3 m to reach point D From point D, he walks 4 m in west direction and reaches point E and then from point E, he walks 10 m in the south and reaches his final destination.

1) Find the shortest distance between point A and final position of Amir?

A) 7 m

B) 5 m

C) 3 m

D) 4 m

E) None of these

2) Point A is in which direction with respect to Point D?

A) South

B) North

C) North-West

D) South-West

E) South-East

3) Point B is in which direction with respect to the final destination?

A) North-West

B) South

C) North-East

D) South-West

E) None of these


Direction (4-8):  In each of the following questions, the relationship between different elements is shown in the statements followed by two conclusions. Find a conclusion which logically follows.

Give Answer:

a) If the Only conclusion I follow.

b) If Only conclusion II follows.

c) If either conclusion I or II follows.

d) If Neither conclusion I nor II follows.

e) If both conclusions I and II follow.

4) Statements:

A < B ≤ C < D  ≤  E <  F = G <  H


I)A < E

II)A < G

5) Statements:

P = Q > R ≥ S = T ≤ U < V ≤ W


I) P ≥ S

II) T < V

6) Statements:

I > J = K ≥ L = M ≤ N; M ≤ O ≤ P


I) I > M

II) K ≥ O

7) Statements:

M > G = Y > X ≤ W = J < L < D


I) M > W

II) X < D

8) Statements:

F ≤ V < J < S = Q > D > U


I) U < S

II) V > D


9) The positions of the first and the sixth letters of the word ‘LAPTOP’ are interchanged. Similarly, the positions of the second and the fifth letters are interchanged and so on. Which of the following will be the second letter from the left end after the rearrangement?

A) A

B) P

C) L

D) O

E) T

10) The position of how many digits in the number “27935014893” will remain the same when the digits are arranged in ascending order from left to right?

A) 5

B) 3

C) 1

D) None

E) None of these

Answers :

Directions (1-3):

1) Answer: B

2) Answer: D

3) Answer: A

Directions (4-8):

4) Answer: E

5) Answer: B

6) Answer: A

7) Answer: B

8) Answer: A

9) Answer: D

The original word ‘LAPTOP’.

After the rearrangement of the word, the new word is ‘POTPAL’.

The second letter from the left end is ‘O’.

10) Answer: B

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