SBI Clerk Prelims 2020 English Language Questions (Day-08)

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Word Usage

Directions(1-5): In each of the sentences given below, a word is given followed by 4 sentences, with the word used in them. Find out in which of the sentences, the given word is incorrectly used and mark your answer.

1) Quixotic

A) Sam knew running for class president was a quixotic idea, but he was not going to let his opponent run unopposed.

B) It is quixotic to think you can get away with walking into the prison and breaking out your girlfriend.

C) The idea of an obese person participating in a heptathlon is a quixotic notion.

D) When it comes to capturing the perfect moments on a camcorder, it is all about Quixotic.

E) All are correct

2) Ravenous

A) In the television show, the land ladyused Ravenous was marrying a wonderful man who not only loved her, but also showered her gifts.

B) As a ravenous carnivore, Sheldon was sure that he would be able to finish the 4-pound steak in an hour.

C) The ravenous bird flew low over the forest looking for movement that would reveal the presence of some tidbit to satisfy the rumblings in his belly.

D) Even though she felt ravenous, Amy allowed himself to nibble only the smallest portions of the delicious party goodies.

E) All are correct

3) Limerence

A) When Romeo first laid eyes on Juliet, he was struck with such limerence that his need for her became like a drug that could only be satisfied by returned feelings.

B) Love at first sight is a form of limerence that creates such a strong desire to be with another person that it feels like love without ever having met.

C) People originally thought that limerence was caused by Cupid’s arrow, but instant attraction combined with and overwhelming need to be with a person is actually a chemical reaction.

D) Since Lori is having a limerence about her wealthy family, she finds it hard to get people to like her.

E) All are correct

4) Annul  

A) After the actress tied the knot with a stranger in Vegas, she was persuaded by her PR to annul the marriage.

B) Because Shannon felt her husband tricked her into marriage, she hired a lawyer to annul the bond.

C) Is it a fact that finding a four-leaf stem on the foothills  will give you Annul   or good luck?

D) The newly elected leader will work hard to annul policies that have had a negative effect on our country.

E) All are correct

5) Trammel 

A) The parents were careful not to trammel their son’s dreams of being a dancer even though he had no rhythm.

B) Protestors refused to let anyone trammel their first amendment rights and pushed for freedom and equality for all.

C) During the construction period, the contractor will the trammel the use of the front of gate by putting up a “do not enter sign.”

D) Shane would exhibit his trammel behavior by throwing garbage at the protestors.

E) All are correct

Word Replacement

Directions (6-10): In each of the following questions, a sentence is given with a word given in bold in each. Choose a word from the options which can replace the BOLD word without changing the meaning of the sentence.

6) Mumbai has been virtually mortified into a fortress with unprecedented security arrangements while the beautification and other preparations touched a feverish tune.

A) turned

B) mollify

C) calibrated

D) pragmatic

E) No change required

7) The welcome messages are in Tamil swallowed by Hindi and Urdu next.

A) eliminated

B) disavowed

C) solemnized

D) followed

E) No change required

8) Workers have been using high power air compressor- based equipment to clean up the locations in and behind the buildings.

A) throughout

B) around

C) thorough

D) over

E) No change required

9) Narendra Modi and Vladmir Putin will hold talks here on October 11-12 to sunken ties, including in the field of counter-terrorism in the second informal summit.

A) deepen

B) loosen

C) increase

D) increment

E) No change required

10) The Iranian Tanker Company said the hull of the Sabiti was hit by two separate explosions off the   port of Riyadh, saying they were “probably shatter by missile strikes”.

A) attacked

B) destroyed

C) caused

D) attack

E) No change required


Directions (1-5):

1) Answer: D

Quixotic means unrealistic and impractical. So the statement D employs the word incorrectly.

2) Answer: A

Ravenous is a word used to describe someone very hungry; while it does not fit contextually in statement A. So, A does not employ the word correctly.

3) Answer: D

Limerence means the overwhelming need to be with or receive similar feelings from another person that manifests in physical trembling and pain when the other person is not around. Beyond simple infatuation or lust. Therefore, it cannot fit in the Statement D grammatically.

4) Answer:  C

Annul means to officially make something invalid, so the statement C has used the word incorrectly.

5) Answer: D

Trammel means to restrain or restrict one’s freedom. Therefore, it cannot fit in the Statement D grammatically.

Directions (6-10):

6) Answer: A

‘Turned’ means to convert something into another.

Hence option A is the correct choice.

7) Answer: D

‘Swallowed’ does not make any sense, so option D makes the sentence coherent and grammatically correct.

8) Answer: B

‘Around’ is the correct form of preposition to be used in this statement. Hence option B is the correct choice.

9) Answer: A

‘Deepen’ means to exacerbate or boost; to make more intense, stronger, or more marked. Hence option A is the correct choice.

10) Answer: C

‘Shatter’ uses incorrect form of tense, hence ‘caused’ makes the sentence coherent and grammatically correct.

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