SBI PO Prelims Quantitative Aptitude (Day-16)

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Application Sums

1) If 5 years ago A’s age is 83(1/3)% of present age of A and B is 5 years younger than A, then find the B’s present age?

A) 20 years

B) 25 years

C) 30 years

D) Cannot be determined

E) None of these

2) An article sold at Rs.200, there is some profit, when the same article sold at Rs.180, there is some loss. If the quantum of profit is equal to the quantum of loss, then find the cost price of the article?

A) 190

B) 195

C) 194

D) 192

E) None of these

3) The simple interest on a certain sum at the certain rate of interest for two years is Rs.525 and the compound interest on same sum at the same rate of interest for two years is Rs.564.375. Find the sum?

A) Rs.1750

B) Rs.1650

C) Rs.1550

D) Rs.1850

E) None of these

4) If train A runs at the speed of 40kmph crosses the train B running in opposite direction at the speed of 60kmph in 36 seconds. If train B also crosses the double of its length of bridge in 54 seconds, then find the length of train A?

A) 600m

B) 300m

C) 500m

D) 400m

E) None of these

5) There are three vessels in the same quantity which has the mixture of milk and water in the ratio of 3:2, 4:3 and 5:2 respectively. What is the ratio of milk and water in the final mixture formed by mixing these vessels?

A) 23:17

B) 22:13

C) 21:16

D) 25:14

E) None of these

6) If the diagonals of the rhombus is 14cm and 48cm respectively and the perimeter of rhombus is equal to the perimeter of the rectangle. If the ratio of the length to breadth of the rectangle is 3:2, then find the area of the rectangle?

A) 400cm2

B) 700cm2

C) 600cm2

D) 500cm2

E) None of these

7) If the speed of the boat in still water and the speed of the stream is 10kmph and 2kmph respectively. If the boat goes downstream and the return back upstream in 10 hours, then find the distance travelled by boat?

A) 24km

B) 32km

C) 48km

D) 56km

E) None of these

8) Rahul reached his office in 15 minutes late at the speed of 4kmph from his house and he increased the speed by 2kmph then reached the office on time. Find the distance between his house to his office?

A) 4km

B) 5km

C) 6km

D) 8km

E) None of these

9) In a school, the students whose age below 12 years is 20%. The students whose age above 12 years is 60% of those students whose age is 12 years, which is 200. Find the total number of students

A) 200

B) 300

C) 400

D) 500

E) None of these

10) Tanu invested Rs.2600 in one of the scheme which offers compound interest at 10% per annum for 2 years. After 2 years he received the amount deposited to the bank which offers simple interest at 22% per annum for 10 years, Find the simple interest on the sum?

A) Rs.5721.2

B) Rs.6921.2

C) Rs.8721.2

D) Rs.5821.2

E) None of these

Answers :

Directions (1-5) :

1) Answer: B

A-5=250/300 * A



B’s age=30-5=25 years

2) Answer: A




3) Answer: A




Difference between the SI and CI for 2 years = PR2 / 1002




P=525/30 * 100


4) Answer: E

Length of train A=x

Length of train B=y





5) Answer: B

Milk= 3/5+4/7+5/7 = (21+20+25)/35 = 66/35

Water= 2/5+3/7+2/7 = (14+15+10)/35 = 39/35

Required ratio= 66/35: 39/35=22:13

6) Answer: C

Side of the rhombus=√(14/2)2+(48/2)2


Perimeter of the rhombus=4*25=100

Perimeter of the rectangle=100




Area of the rectangle=(3*10)*(2*10)=600cm

7) Answer: C

Downstream speed=10+2=12kmph

Upstream speed=10-2=8kmph

d/12 + d/8 =10

2d+3d = 10*24

D = 48km

8) Answer: E

D=((4 * 6) * 15/60)/2


9) Answer: C

The students whose age above 12 years = 200 * 60/100=120

The students whose age above 12 years + students whose age is 12 years =120+200=320

Required answer=100/80*320=400

10) Answer: B

CA = 2600*(1+10/100)2


SI=3146 * 10 * 22/100 = Rs.6921.2

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