Corona Outbreak: Is Men at High Risk?

COVID-19 All Over the World:

The COVID – 19 has attacked nearly 11 lakh people all over the world. Italy, Spain and USA are the three countries with more than one lakh person got affected by this disease.

  • Total cases all over the world – 1099885
  • Total death all over the world – 59197
  • Recovered people all over the world – 228975
Country Total cases Total deaths Total people recovered
USA 277475 7402 12283
Italy 119827 14681 19758
Spain 119199 11198 30513
Germany 91159 1275 24575
China 81639 3326 76755
France 64338 6507 14008
Iran 53183 3294 7935
UK 38168 3605 135
Turkey 20921 425 484
Switzerland 19606 591 4846
Belgium 16770 1143 2872
Netherlands 15723 1487 250

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COVID-19 in India:

In India also, the disease is spreading in a steady rate. As of now, government have announced the 21 days national lockdown to control the disease. The details of COVID-19 damages in India are given below.

  • Total cases in India – 3082
  • Total death cases in India – 86
  • Total people recovered in India – 229

India’s COVID-19 Action Plan

Is Men Having more Risk than Women?

According to the researchers report, the COVID-19 is attacking all people with a rampage. It does not know difference between men and women. But in case of serious affection and death rate, men are more targeted, than the women. For this daily hygiene, food habits and chromosomes are the main reasons. All the reasons are discussed in detail here. 

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Reasons Quoted for COVID -19 Risk in Men?

Comparing to women, the COVID -19 death rate is more for men. Some of the reasons quoted for this are given below.

  • Chromosome of women are XX, whereas for men are XY.
  • Liquor Drinking and smoking habits.
  • Communication with smoking persons.
  • Not aware about the risk of the disease.
  • Unhygienic food practices.
  • No frequent hand washing practices.
  • Avoiding treatment to the disease in the early stage itself.

Now liquor drinking and smoking have become common among men and women. But when compared to men, women are very less in the above mentioned unhygienic habits. All these bad habits will lower the immune power. So that any virus can attack the immune system very easily. That’s why the COVID-19 death rate is higher for men when compared to that of women.

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Total Life Time:

Normally the lifetime of men is lesser than that of the women. For that some cases are given for reference. The average life years of men and women in India are given below.

  • The average lifetime of Indian men – 67.4 years
  • Average life time of Indian women – 70.3 years

In USA also, the average life time of men is 5 years lesser than that of the women.

  • Average life time of American men – 76 years
  • Average life time of American women – 81 years

Also, as per the another report,

  • Total men crossed 100 years globally – 20%
  • Total women crossed 100 years globally – 80%

In case of people crossing110 years of life time globally,

  • Total men crossed 110 years globally – 5%
  • Total women crossed 110 years globally – 95%

In all these cases, women are having more life years than the men. In case of aged people, there is a vast difference between the life time of men and women. Even in rural areas, women will live for more years than the men. So as per the reports, the life time factor is also the main reason for high COVID-19 death rate in men.

Reports of Scientists about chromosomes:

Human body is made up of cells. Each cell will have nucleus, which contains the chromosome. The chromosome for women is XX, and the chromosome for men is XY. The benefits of the X chromosomes are good brain development and powerful immune system.

Since men has only one X chromosome, they will have less immune power and prone to the disease attack easily. As women have two X chromosomes, their immunity will be more than that of the men.

Chromosome’s Mechanism in killing virus:

Women have two X chromosomes. Their mechanism of fight against COVID-19 is given below.

  • The X1 chromosome in women will immediately find the corona virus attack in the body.
  • The X2 chromosome will kill the body cells that were attacked by the corona virus.
  • Thus the corona virus is completely eliminated from the body and the patient will recover soon.

But for men, since only one X chromosome is available, they have no required immune power to fight against COVID-19. All these are the microscopic results and reports of the scientists.Corona Outbreak men

Why India has relatively lesser number of COVID-19 cases?

So men are having more danger in case of COVID-19. So that they have to avoid all their unhygienic bad habits. Also they should improve their immune power with daily food practices.

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