Why India has relatively lesser number of COVID-19 cases?

COVID-19 All Over the World:

The COVID – 19 fear is still not over among people all over the world. Day by day, the death counts and the number of affected people are increasing in a rapid rate. Especially, some top countries such as USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, etc. are facing serious problems as more new affected cases are arising daily.  

  • Total cases all over the world – 1015877
  • Total death all over the world – 53218
  • Recovered people all over the world – 212993
Country Total cases Total deaths Total people recovered
USA 245193 6088 10403
Italy 115242 13915 18278
Spain 112065 10348 26743
Germany 84794 1107 22440
China 81620 3322 76571
France 59105 5387 12428
Iran 50468 3160 16711
UK 33718 2921 135
Switzerland 18827 536 4013
Turkey 18135 356 415
Belgium  15348 1011 2495
Netherlands 14697 1339 250

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COVID-19 in India:

In India also, the disease is started to spread. As of now, the government has announced the 21 days national lockdown to control the disease.

  • Total cases in India – 2567
  • Total death cases in India – 72
  • Total people recovered in India – 192

As per the reports, India has lesser number of COVID -19 cases, compared to more countries. We will see the statistics in detail here.

India’s COVID-19 Action Plan

Number of Cases Per million people:

As per the researchers, the following data have arrived.

  • No. of corona cases in India per million people – 1
  • No. of deaths in India per million people – 0.03
  • Average global corona cases per million people – 113.2
  • Average global death per million people – 5.7

By seeing this data, as of now we can know that the affected case and death in India is much lower when compared to that of the global average. Even our neighboring countries Bangladesh and Nepal are also having similar numbers. Also, the African countries also low affected by COVID-19.

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Reasons for Low Cases in India:

This is just the current situation. If our spread rate becomes steady, we may also enter the top affected nations list. Some reasons have been quoted for the low corona cases in India. They are,

  • No enough testing
  • Lack of self-assessment tests
  • National Lockdown
  • BCG vaccination

These are some main reasons for less corona cases in our country. The number of COVID-19 tests that recorded in India is just around 48000. This is very low, considering our high population. We have only 126 ICMR labs to test the corona cases. 

Also narrow testing is also the other secondary reason. Narrow testing is that, we test only the suspicious cases. And the travel history of positive cases alone traced. So this is also a drawback.

Also, people in India are not following self-assessment methods to prevent them from COVID-19. Still many people treating COVID-19 as the normal fever, cold, and cough.

Another reason for low cases is this national lockdown measure. It is heavily believed that the viral spread rate is controlled due to lock down all over the country.

BCG Vaccination:

The Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine is used in our country for the prevention of tuberculosis. This is also quoted as a reason for low corona cases in our country. Because this vaccine is not used by many other countries in the world. Scientists of the USA, Europe, and Australia are researching this vaccine usage against COVID-19.

Apart from these main reasons, the heat and humidity of our country may be an added reason. As per the reports, most viruses cannot survive in temperature over 45 degrees. But some researchers are denying this report.

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India should Act Fast:

As of now, this 21 days lockdown is very important to move. But we have to test more cases and control the disease as soon as possible. For that, all the medical arrangements should be made immediately. Or else, our situation may also turn upside down.

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