Corona Virus Outbreak: What is Tablighi Jamaat and its Related Issues?

COVID-19 All Over the World:

Corona viral disease is continuing its rampage all over the world. Now the whole world is in panic situation and praying the gods for their lives. In Italy daily hundreds of peoples are dying for this disease. In USA the number of affected cases is sky rocketing day by day. Many developed countries’ economy has been hit huge by this COVID-19 spread.

  • Total cases all over the world – 859768
  • Total death all over the world – 42430
  • Recovered people all over the world – 178335
Country Total cases Total deaths Total people recovered
USA 188592 4055 7251
Italy 105792 12428 15729
Spain 95923 8464 19259
China 81554 3312 76238
Germany 71808 775 16100
France 52128 3523 9444
Iran 44605 2898 14656
UK 25150 1789 135
Switzerland 16605 433 1823
Turkey 13531 214 243
Belgium 12775 705 1696
Netherlands 12595 1039 250

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COVID-19 in India:

In India also the viral spread is speeding up.  People have to follow the self-quarantine measures for the 21 days in a strict manner.

  • Total cases in India – 1590
  • Total death cases in India – 45
  • Total people recovered in India – 148

What is Tablighi Jamaat?

In the Nizamuddin area of Delhi, Tablighi Jamaat will happen usually. Tablighi Jamaat is the Islamic movement meeting. In the meeting the muslims from various parts of the country will take part. Also the Muslims from foreign countries will also attend the meeting.

India’s COVID-19 Action Plan

Why Tablighi Jamaat Related in Corona Issue?

The headquarters of the Tablighi Jamaat are in the Nizamuddin area of Delhi. The consequences that happened are listed in order.

  • The recent meeting of Tablighi Jamaat movement happened in the last week of February and first 2 weeks of March 2020.
  • Including foreigners around 2500 people attended this meeting as per the reports.
  • On March 16th, Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal announced that no crowd of more than 50 members should be gathered. This announcement is made due to corona disease spread.
  • Then on March 20th, it is reported that 10members in Telangana were affected by COVID-19. They were from Indonesia, and all the 10 members have attended the Tablighi Jamaat meeting in Delhi.
  • The lockdown was implemented in Delhi on March 22nd.
  • Then around 1500 people who have attended the meeting in Delhi, returned to the various parts of country on March 23rd.
  • On the same March 23rd, our PM, Narendra Modi announced the national lockdown for the 21 days to control the disease spread.
  • The remaining 1000 people who have attended the meeting were quarantined in Delhi.

The Delhi CM announced that he will take action on the people who have gathered meeting.

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What Tablighi Jamaat Gatherers Say On this Issue?

The gatherers of this meeting say that they have completed the meeting before the lockdown. As the lockdown was implemented in parts, they stayed in Delhi itself. After the national lockdown, they asked the Delhi CM for their return to own places. Also they said that they gave respect to the PM’s national lockdown announcement. Only for that reason they stayed in Delhi. Also they said that they didn’t violate the rules by roaming outside for unnecessary reasons.

Now some questions have aroused after this issue. They are,

  • How many people have affected among the 1500, who have travelled to their own places?
  • To which states those people have returned?
  • Did those people who returned to Tamil Nadu have self quarantined themselves?
  • To which states, the foreigners attended the meeting have travelled? Did they violate the visa rules?

Top 10 Questions Related to Corona

What Government Says?

The additional secretary of central health department, Lav Agarwal says that in this situation we should not find fault on any side. Instead, we should take remedial measures to control the disease spread.

People also don’t create a rift among various religions. This is not the time to find difference between the people. The Coronavirus will not affect the people by seeing religion. So we should also stand united to fight against this deadly virus spread.

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