General Awareness PDF Download: Get the Best GA Study Materials PDF Here

General Awareness PDF Download:

General Awareness PDF download materials are here. General Awareness is the most easily scoring section in every competitive examination. This section plays a vital role in all competitive examinations. It consists of Static GK, Current Affairs, Banking/Financial Awareness, etc. If you want to score well from this section you must thorough on all the topics that come under the general awareness. If you are having study material that is easily portable and updated one then it is easier for candidates to study well. For that here our experts have prepared the General Awareness PDF download materials. Candidates who want to ace the examination and attain the desired destination can download the general awareness pdf download materials available here and utilize them for all your competitive exams.


Generally, hard work with passion is a must to achieve the desired destination in every field. It is also applicable for competitive examinations. The general awareness section needs some extra attention and effort. Though considered tough due to its unpredictable nature, general awareness can prove to be a scoring section. so use the General Awareness PDF download materials here. There are some common topics considered to be important for all the examinations but the level of the knowledge required thus varies. Like in UPSC the candidate requires in-depth knowledge about any national or international news and has to mention their opinion on the same as well. These General Awareness PDF download materials contain all study topics.


In this article, we will discuss the general awareness section asked in various examinations along with their syllabus and preparation tips by experts at Guidely. So that you can optimize your preparation with the General Awareness PDF download materials.


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General Awareness PDF Download – Sections:

The General awareness subject for competitive examination is divided into various sections:

General Awareness PDF Download – Static GK:

The static GK deals with all the information that remains constant for a long period of time. Some of the topics under this section are geographical boundaries, dams, rivers, country – capital -currency, history, geography, economics, etc. In the general awareness pdf download materials, you can check quality study notes for static GK topics.

General Awareness PDF Download – Current Affairs:

Most of the candidates aspiring to crack the examinations find this section difficult to cope up with. As they are constantly bombarded with new knowledge in the ever-changing world. Even the examiners are tempted to put up more questions from this section. The questions asked from this covers news from international, national, sports, media, publications, etc streams. In the general awareness pdf download materials, you can check quality study notes for current affairs topics.

Get More – Current Affairs

Get More – Daily Current Affairs

General Awareness PDF Download – Banking / Financial Affairs:

In most of the examinations the questions are set by an amalgamation of current affairs and static general awareness but for banking examinations, there is an addition to the syllabus of general awareness i.e. financial or banking awareness. Through this area, the examiner is intended to check the knowledge of the banking aspirants about the functioning and structure of the banking sector or industry. In the general awareness pdf download materials, you can check quality study materials for banking and financial awareness topics.

Get More – Financial Awareness

Get More – Banking Awareness

General Awareness PDF Download – General Science:

In the examinations like UPSC and SSC, questions are also formed from the general science section comprising topics from physics, chemistry, and biology. For all these topics you can prepare from the general awareness pdf download.

General Awareness Syllabus:

Here we have provided you with the list of important topics covered in the four divisions of the subjects mentioned above. The general awareness pdf download syllabus is bifurcated into different sections into the tables given below:

Current Affairs Syllabus

The general awareness pdf download syllabus for current affairs is here.

Summits and Conferences Awards and honors
Chief justice of the supreme court Obituaries
Books and Author Indices and Ranking
Satellites launched by ISRO Government Schemes
Latest Appointments Budget and Taxes
International current affairs State News
Defense-related news Covid-19 updates
Agreements and MOUs PM Jan Dhan Yojana
Sports tournaments and winners Famous Personalities
GDP projections by multiple rating agencies

Static GK Syllabus

The general awareness pdf download syllabus for static GK is here.

The Chief Ministers of India Governors of India 
Prime minister of India list List of Presidents of India
Lakes of India Country capitals and currency 
States and Capitals of India International Airports in India
Power Plants in India National Parks of India
Stadiums in India List Of Geographical Indication Tags
Tiger Conservation in India Important days dates with a theme
Sports and games Neighboring countries of India
Dances and music of states

Check Here for More Static GK Topics

Banking / Financial Awareness Syllabus

The general awareness pdf download syllabus for banking / financial awareness is here.

Banking Abbreviations Mergers and Acquisitions
Stock Exchanges Central banks of Various Countries
Banking Terms Monetary policies
Fiscal Policy Latest announcements or circulars by RBI
NABARD, SEBI, MPC CEO and MD of Indian banks
Finance & Insurance RBI Related Questions
Important foreign banks Money market and capital market
List of RBI Governors of India List of Indian banks’ headquarters

General Science Syllabus

The general awareness pdf download syllabus for General science is here.

Indian History Geography
Constitution of India Economics
Science and Technology Indian Politics
Agriculture Physics
Chemistry Biology

Preparation Strategy:

In previous examinations of UPSC, banking, railways, SSC, etc, questions were available from the topics mentioned above. Candidates are advised to study all the topics so that they can answer questions from them and score well.

The general awareness is a vast section to cover in a short duration of time. Candidates need to work very hard to cover the entire section. Try to prepare by using smart methods using the general awareness pdf download materials. so that you can enjoy your preparation. Or else you will get bored after continuous preparation. Here we have added some preparation methods and strategies for the same.

Study Materials:

Using quality study material is the first step to success. If you prepare with average study materials, it will be difficult for you to achieve your goal. Those materials may contain errors or miss some important data. So should use the best quality study materials to update your knowledge while preparation. For each topic, we have listed a separate pdf, so that you can prepare without any pressure and confusion. Our Guidely general awareness pdf download materials are the best in the industry. You can use it for your exam preparation in an effective manner.

Attempt Quizzes:

For any preparation, practice will give you the full potential to score marks in the exam. Only with practice, you can analyze your mistakes and correct them. The analysis and correction of mistakes is a gradual process. Only if you attend a lot of quizzes, you can rectify maximum mistakes to attain maximum accuracy. So attempt general awareness quizzes in a regular manner after preparing with general awareness pdf download materials. Also, attending quizzes will improve your memory power a lot. Attending the quizzes will help you to keep regular contact with all the topics. So, you can prepare for all the topics thoroughly.

Use Power Capsules for Last Minute Preparation:

Some candidates opt for preparation at the last minute. Mostly you cannot cover more topics in the last minute preparation. In that situation, candidates will study selective topics and avoid more topics. This is a low standard of preparation. In this way of preparation, you cannot expect more marks in the general awareness section. But there is a smart way for last-minute preparations. Use general awareness capsule pdf for the last minute preparation. So that you can cover most of the exam point of view topics. this will enhance your confidence. Mostly avoid the last-minute preparations. But if you are in such a situation, opt for general awareness pdf download power capsules for better results.

Study in Exam Point of View:

From the general awareness section exam point of view, preparation is very important. There are certain candidates who focus on certain competitive exams only. Some candidates prepare only for SSC exams. In that case, check the previous year SSC question papers. Then mark the topics that are frequently asked. Then prepare questions in priority of general awareness for SSC exams. If you prepare this section from an exam point of view, there are chances for scoring high marks. This is one of the smartest methods of preparation with the general awareness pdf download materials.

Prioritize the Topics:

Anyway, you have to prepare more topics for this section. So give priority to the topics and prepare in an order using the general awareness pdf download materials. Select the priority list based on the exam. If you are preparing for the bank exam such as SBI clerk mains or RBI Assistant mains, then give importance to banking awareness. Use general awareness pdf download materials in the bank exam point of view while preparing for the bank exams. In banking awareness, there are a lot of topics to cover. Some of the important topics are, History of banking, banks, and their headquarters, banking terminologies, regulation acts, etc. All these topics are very important for general awareness for bank exams.

Schedule Your Preparation:

You cannot prepare all the general awareness topics in an over-night time. It is a lengthy process. At least you have to allocate one month for very good preparation. In this period, make a schedule for your preparation. Each day prepares a topic and attends a quiz. If you do this continuously, you can almost complete all the topics. Then revise the topics side-by-side. Revision is the key to memorizing this much amount of data. Without revision, you will struggle to attend this section of the exam. You will get confused over the given options in the exam. To avoid confusion in the exam, revise all the topics at uniform intervals from the general awareness pdf download materials. Also, use general awareness MCQ pdf for quiz practice.

Watch Online Videos:

If you are bored of studying with general awareness pdf download materials and capsules, prefer the online videos. There are many online videos to study general awareness GK. Through the online videos, you can also learn tricks to remember the GK questions. The tricks will help you to remember the question and answers in a simple manner. Also, you will not forget the data very easily. These online videos will make your preparation joyful.

General Awareness Preparation Tips

  1. Read the mentioned general awareness pdf download materials and GK power capsule thoroughly.
  2. Watch national and international news.
  3. Make notes of important topics for future reference.
  4. Attempt previous year papers keeping time constraints. This will help you gain insights into the important topics to focus on. 
  5. Revision is the Key.
  6. For current affairs follow our youtube channel
  7. Stay updated with the exam pattern and syllabus
  8. Attempt Daily Quizzes
  9. Check your preparation through GA Quizzes 

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General Awareness Books

As it is already discussed the quality of the study material matters a lot. Other than the video lectures by the expert mentors from Guidely. You can refer to the following books for the general awareness section:

  • General Knowledge 2020 by Arihant publications
  • General Studies by Disha
  • General Knowledge Manual by Pearson
  • General Knowlege by Lucent
  • General Knowledge by Prabhat Prakashan
  • Quick General Awareness 2020 for SSC CGL/ CHSL/ MTS/ Stenographer/ Sub-Inspector Exams by Disha Experts
  • Banking Awareness by N K Gupta
  • Economic & Social Issues in India by Dhrub Kumar
  • Banking Awareness for SBI & IBPS Bank Clerk/ PO/ RRB/ RBI by Disha Experts

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