Static GK PDF 2021: Free Download for Banking, SSC & Railways

Static GK PDF:

Dear aspirants, here we have provided you with the static GK pdf 2021 materials. Here you can download the important Static GK questions for your effective preparation. General Awareness is considered to be a high-scoring section in any competitive exam. The General Awareness section is comprised of Static GK & Current Affairs. You cannot skip the static GK topics. If you want to score more in this section you have to cover the entire topics that come under the static GK. For that here we have compiled all the static GK topics and drafted them in a PDF format. Candidates can download the free Static GK pdf 2021 materials and start preparing for the examinations. Stay updated with the Static GK pdf 2021 to enhance your score in the general awareness section and also overall. Our Guidely experts have worked very hard to prepare this static GK pdf download with the best quality. Aspirants, utilize the static GK pdf free download materials.


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The selection process is based on the prelims and main exams. The marks obtained in the mains exam are considered for the final selection. The general awareness section will be asked in the mains exam for all the banking and insurance examinations. It plays a major role in the main exams. So candidates have to give more importance to this section that tends to boost up their score. Candidates must start their preparation process with the static GK PDF download according to the strategic study plan.


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In the general awareness section, the static GK pdf topics play an important role and consist of a high weightage. This section shall increase your sectional as well as an overall score by utilizing less time. So you must study the static GK pdf topics to enhance your score without leaving that. Here we have given the Updated Static GK PDF which includes all important topics in Static GK. Aspirants who are preparing for bank exams 2021 can use this Static GK PDF download.


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Static GK PDF Download: List of Topics Covered


Important Days
States CM and the Governors
Important Summits
List of Important Stadiums and Its Locations
List of Important Dams and Rivers (State-wise)
International Organizations and It’s Headquarters – Present Heads
List of Wildlife Sanctuaries and their Locations in India
Important Bird Sanctuaries and its Locations in India
List of Important National Parks in India
Power Plants in India
List of RBI Governors of India
Important Indian Cities Located in River Banks
Important Airports in India
Important Dance forms in India
Important Food Festivals Around the World
Important Sports and Trophies
Important Revolutions Around the World
Important Awards and Its Related Sectors
List of space centers in India
Important International Boundary Lines
Cabinet Ministers of India
Names of Central Banks of Countries
Important Regulatory Bodies In India and its Present Heads – Headquarters
List of Indian banks’ headquarters
List of lakes in India
Foreign Banks in India & its Present CMDs -Headquarters & Taglines
Important Stock Exchange Around the World
Nicknames of Indian Cities – Complete List
Country, Currency, Capital & Language
States and Capitals of India
Union Territories and capitals of India
Stadiums in India
List of Nobel prize winners 2020
List Of Geographical Indication Tags
List of Presidents of India
List of Vice Presidents of India
Tiger Reserves in India
Prime minister of India list
Prominent gardens in India

Static GK PDF for Preparation:

Static GK pdf contains a vast number of topics to cover for the competitive exams. In static GK there are various sub-topics. In each sub-topic, candidates have to memorize a large amount of data. So it is very difficult for the candidates to cover all the static GK. Prepare static GK pdf with good study materials. In static GK there are various sub-topics such as national parks, power plants, Chief ministers & governors, RBI governors, etc. This list just goes on and on. So candidates must work hard for the static GK section efficiently. This static GK preparation is very useful for various exams such as banking, SSC, UPSC, railways, etc. So study static GK pdf for all these exams. Only then you can attain more marks than your competitors. These marks can be very helpful to give you a lead in the highly competitive exam.

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Nowadays, a good knowledge of general awareness is very important in clearing any competitive exam. To overcome all this you should have a clear understanding of the things happening around you and across the globe. General Awareness is the most important section which plays a vital role in all competitive exams. This section is to score a good mark by consuming lesser time. Moreover, our expert has covered the overall static GK topic for all the topics.

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Importance of Static GK PDF:

In banking exams, the GA section consists of Static GK & Current Affairs. Then in the SSC and UPSC exams, around 20% of questions are asked from the Static GK topics (CA). So you are advised to thoroughly learn the static GK along with the current affairs. Aspirants who wish to crack these exams must keep in mind that static GK holds the utmost importance because, in every competitive exam, questions under the static GK are compulsorily asked. So aspirants should follow our static GK posts regularly which are prepared by our professional experts as per the recent updated IBPS Clerk Syllabus. For your convenience, we have given the important static GK topics in PDF format. So candidates shall download the Static GK PDF and enhance their preparation process in an efficient way.

Strategy for Preparation:

To cover all static GK topics you have to work hard for a lot of days. Prepare a schedule for static GK alone. Concentrate it in a daily manner. So that you can master in static GK part, after two months. Then you can face most of the questions in the static GK section easily. For preparation, use the given static GK pdf materials. With the pdf material study in a daily manner. On the side by side attempt topic tests and practice quizzes to test your preparation standard. Also, revision is an important factor to keep up with all the memorized data. So every time you are free keep revising the topics. After gaining the level of recommended practice in all the topics, then revision is enough at exam times. IBPS Clerk Mock test preparation gives you a wonderful experience that brings you the familiarity of the real exam.


Candidates kindly use the link given below to download the static GK pdf materials. Candidates are advised to study the given material for effective preparation. Also, our expert-curated static GK power capsules are available. So make proper use of all these materials for your exam preparation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the topics covered under the Static GK section?
A: Some of the topics covered under the static GK section are:
1. Wildlife Sanctuaries and National parks
2. World organization and their headquarters
3. Countries, capital, and currencies, etc.


Q: How many sections are there in the GK section in the banking exams?
A: In the banking exams, questions will be asked from Static GK, banking awareness, and current affairs.


Q: What is the score of the General Awareness section in the SBI PO? 
A: In the GA section total of 40 questions will be asked for a total score of 40.


Q: How many questions are asked in the GS section of the SSC CGL Tier-I exam? 
A: There will be 25 questions for the Tier-I of the SSC CGL exams.


Q: What is the score of the General Awareness section in the RRB NTPC?
A: The general awareness section of the 1st CBT is 40 marks and the 2nd CBT is of the RRB NTPC exam is of 50 marks.

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