Match the Column

Match the column is an important topic in the English language section. Most of the candidates struggle to score marks in the English language section. In the English language section, match the column is one of the easier topics to score marks.

Guidely Online Mock Test Series

In the match the column topic, you will have two columns. In each column, there will be few sentences. You have to match the sentences in both columns, such that you should have to form the grammatically correct sentences. So, candidates improve your basic grammar knowledge. So that you can easily find the match to form the grammatically correct sentences. in some sentences, you can easily find grammatical errors. So that you can eliminate those combinations. In this way, you can easily solve these questions.

  • Improve your grammar knowledge.
  • Know to find the errors in sentences. So that you can easily eliminate the wrong combinations.
  • Combine and check the sentences in each column to form a meaningful and correct sentence.
  • then choose the correct option as your answer.

These are the very good tips to solve questions on this topic. In competitive exams, candidates should be smart enough in all the topics. In exams, many candidates miss the success by a few marks. So, prepare well with the questions available here. Hence, you can score high marks in the English section. here we have added more variety of questions at different levels for your practice. Continue your practice in a daily manner to master this topic.