Sentence Rearrangement

English section plays a major role in every government competitive exam. It consists of a lot of topics that have been asked in every exam. Among that one of the most important topics is sentence rearrangement. It is one of the most tricky topics candidates have to arrange the given sentences from starting to end. In this section, the difficult and time-consuming questions have been asked in banking and other competitive exams. It consists of a group of jumbled sentences that need to be re-assembled to make sense. It looks easy but it would be tricky to fit perfectly when more than one sentence seems to be the same. That is where we have to use vocabulary and context to decide the closest answer. Most banking exams consist of these type of questions and we are here to break it for you

The sentence rearrangement topic may also be referred to as para jumbles and questions from this topic are frequently asked in the exam. Most probably the questions asked from this topic are around 3-5. So this topic has more weightage and candidates can easily score marks in these questions. In this article, we shall discuss the correct approach to solve para jumbles sentences and make the sentence rearrangement question in sense. There are a lot of approaching techniques available to solve the questions and get the perfect answer. Candidates need to analyze the statement’s theme or topic or carefully and answer the question.

Tips and Tricks to solve the Sentence Rearrangement Questions:

  • Initially read all the given statements carefully and analyze the common point between them and then start rearranging them.
  • Refer to a pattern that may be given in the statement. 
  • Match the conjunction words given like, yet, but, when, then, they, anyway, etc. This will give you a clearer path of how the sentences can be rearranged.
  • Vocabulary skill is very important here for the candidates to get the meaning of the given words. By that, they can easily rearrange the sentences within a short span.
  • Once you finish the rearrangement process, again read the entire passage once to ensure that it is logically correct or not.

Reading Practice is Must:

Candidates have to follow the reading practice on a daily basis. Reading practice is essential for everyone to enhance fluency and vocabulary skills in an efficient manner. In the competitive exams most of the sentence rearrangement questions have been asked from the English newspaper. So candidates have to spend 2 hours daily on reading the newspaper that makes your overall skill higher. While reading you will get a lot of unknown words. At that time by google it or using the dictionary you should know the meaning of the word at that time of instant. By continuous reading makes you to be strong on your grammar basic rules and regulations: