Reasoning Puzzles Questions and Answers with detailed explanation for candidates preparing for banking, Railway, SSC, and other competitive examinations. Frequently asked reasoning puzzles questions with solutions for bank exams. We provide more puzzle questions on a daily basis for students to improve problem-solving skills. Aspirants preparing for banking and other competitive exams can check their ability here.

Guidely Online Mock Test Series

Reasoning puzzles for bank exams and other competitive exams are here. The reasoning is a very important section in the competitive exams. Most of the aspirants feel very comfortable with the reasoning section and grab a handful of marks from this section. In this section, the puzzles topic plays a crucial role in exams. There are various types of reasoning puzzles for bank exams and other competitive exams. Some of the most important puzzles are listed below:

  • Box based puzzle
  • Floor based puzzle
  • Floore with flat-based puzzle
  • Age-based puzzle
  • Month based puzzle, etc.

Candidates should practice all the types of reasoning puzzles tricks. So that, in the exam it will be easy for you to pick the right questions and solve them faster.

How to Solve Puzzles Sooner?

Here we have added some tips so that you can finish the puzzle questions quicker in the exam.

  • Read the puzzle question completely.
  • Start with a suitable clue.
  • Then proceed with the connection clues.
  • Form the possible cases and continue to solve the puzzle.
  • While proceeding, eliminate the wrong possible cases as the statement contradicts.
  • Finally, finish the puzzle with the correct possible case.

In this way, you can solve the reasoning puzzles for bank exams and other competitive exams in a quicker way.

Here a wide range of reasoning puzzle questions for bank exams pdf are available for your practice. practice them and be a master in all types of puzzles.